Blur Girl

Blur Girl

Real Name
Rebecca Watts
First Appearance
The End League #1 (December, 2007)
Rick Remender, Matt Broome
Team Affliations
The End League
Base of Operations
End League HQ
Super Speed
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Ability
Tools and Weapons

Blur Girl is a superheroine who appears in the post-apocalyptic superhero comics The End League.


The daughter of a superhuman who gained his powers from "The Green Event", Rebecca Watts used the powers her father passed on to her to help people as the superheroine Blur Girl.


Rebecca Watts history remains largely unknown, though she was the daughter of a superhuman who gained powers from "the Green Event" a disaster accidentally caused by the superhero Astonishman. Living in a post-apocalyptic world where supervillains won the war of good versus evil, Blur Girl chose to dedicate herself to justice and joined Astonishman's team The End League, who were determined to wrestle control of the world from the hands of villains.

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