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Booster Gold

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Real Name
Michael Jon Carter
First Appearance
Booster Gold (Vol. 1) #1 (February, 1986)
Dan Jurgens
Team Affliations
Justice League, The Conglomerate, Goldstar Inc., B.G.I. (Booster Gold International)
Supernova, Buster, Booster
Base of Operations
Slowed Aging, Flight, Enhanced Strength, Force Fields
Skills and Abilities
Peak Athletic Ability, Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
Legion Flight Ring, Power Suit

Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter) is a time travelling superhero in the DC Universe and a member of the Justice League.


A disgraced football player from the 25th century, Michael Jon Carter stole some historical artifacts of power and a security bot from a museum and decided to travel back in time to the age of superheroes to reinvent himself.


Michael Jon Carter was born on December 29th, 2442 in Gotham City to Jonar and Ellen Carter with his twin sister Michelle. When the children were 4, they were abandoned by their father, whose gambling addiction left the Carter family in massive debt.

When Michael finally went to college, he became a star football player nicknamed "Booster". With his mother suffering from a debilitating disease, Booster was hoping to make it to the big leagues in the hopes that he could afford treatment for her.

His reputation ruined he managed to get a job as a night watchguard in the Metropolis Space Museum. With the help of a security robot named: Skeets, he stoles the devices a Legion of Superheroes flight ring and Brainiac's force field belt. He used Rip Hunter time machine to travel to the 20th century in hopes of becoming a superhero and start an corporation to make a comfortable living for him. He is selfish and only desire is fame and wealth irritates other heroes.

Skeets in Batman: The Brave and the Bold

TV Shows[]

  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
  • The Justice League

Equipment and Power[]

Flight ring, enhanced durability, super strength, force field generation, time traveling, energy blasts, enhanced eyesight and hearing, and his robot Skeets which gives him information.