The Boy Commandos

Boy Commandos

First Appearance
Detective Comics (Vol. 1) #64 (June, 1942)
Joe Simon, Jack Kirby
Rip Carter, Alfy Twidgett, Andre Chavard, Brooklyn, Jan Haasan, Percy Clearweather, Tex
Rallying Cry

The Boy Commandos are a team of young heroes in the DC Universe.


A group of rough and tumble orphans from different countries, the Boy Commandos where gathered together by Captain Rip Carter to help the war effort on the allied front.


Each of the Boy Commandos were once children from different countries who were left as orphans during the second World War. Captain Rip Carter gathered them together to be a special fighting force of young men.  This included Alfy Twidgett from England, Andre Chavard from France, Brooklyn from the United States, and Jan Haasan from Holland.

Together, the Boy Commandos worked together to help fight Nazi forces in the Pacific and European theatres of World War II. Following the war, they continued to fight evil together for some years after, with a few member changes.

In 1944, they notably teamed up with the another team of children, the Newsboy Legion, to fight American traitors in a New York City subway, making them allies.

Jan eventually left the team, having found a new family to call his own.  Alfie left and was replaced by a Texan member named Tex.  Andre was later replaced by Percy Clearwater, a young genius.  After the war, the young adventurers went their separate ways and found their own callings.  Most notably, "Brooklyn" moved to Metropolis where he became a police officer under his birth name Dan Turpin and became a recurring ally of Superman.


  • Rip Carter - An army captain who recruited the youths who made up the Boy Commandos.
  • Alfy Twidgett - The British member of the team who later left and was later replaced by Tex.
  • Andre Chavard - The French member of the team who eventually grew up and became a master spy.
  • Brooklyn - Brooklyn is the US member of the team who would go onto become a heroic detective.
  • Jan Haasan - The Dutch member of the team.
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