First Appearance
Brigade (Vol. 1) #1 (August, 1992)
Rob Liefeld
Atlas, Badrock, Battlestone, Boone, Coldsnap, Crucible, Glory, Kayo, Lethal, Roman, Seahawk, ShadowHawk, Stasis, Supreme, Thermal, Vanguard
Rallying Cry

Brigade is a mercenary superhero team in the Image Universe.

Origin[edit | edit source]

After Youngblood leader Battlestone was ousted following the death of several members under his command, Battlestone decided to form his own team of superheroes for hire called Brigade.

History[edit | edit source]

Battlestone was the leader of a division of a superhero team called Youngblood until he was forced to leave following some questionable choices that resulted in several team members dying.  He formed his own team consisting of himself and former Youngblood teammates Kayo, Boone and Lethal called Brigade but when an early mission went south, Battlestone disbanded the team.  Years later, Kayo convinced Battlestone to reform the team with brothers calling themselves Seahawk and Coldsnap, who were both very wealthy and capable of financially supporting the team.  They were soon joined by the heroes Coldsnap, Atlas and Stasis.

In their first case, they battled the evil alien prince Genocide on his homeworld, with the help of a gang of native freedom fighters known as the Birds of Prey.  They managed to be victorious over Genocide, but at the cost of team-member Atlas.

After the team returned to Earth, team member Statis resigned, blaming Battlestone for Atlas's death.  However, after resigning Stasis was shot and killed by Cabbot, the leader of a government strike team known as Bloodstrike, who was tasked with bringing the members of the Brigade into custody.

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