Real Name
First Appearance
Micronauts #1 (January, 1979)
Bill Mantlo, Michael Golden
Team Affliations
Guardians of the Galaxy, Micronauts
Galactic Warrior, Lover Bug
Base of Operations
The Microverse
Ability to cling to walls, Exceptional agility, Extraordinary sight, Communication with others bearing antennae, Heightened sensory awareness with a limited degree of danger sense
Skills And Abilities
Skilled Fighter, Master Thief
Rocket Lance

Bug is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Micronauts.


A political prisoner in the Microverse, the skilled martial artist and thief Bug was set free and ended up joining the freedom fighting Micronauts in the hope of freeing their world's from tyranny


Bug (real name unknown) was born on the planet Kaliklak and was the son of Queen Esmera and Wartstaff.  His mother was killed by the tyrant emperor Baron Karza and Bug escaped with his life.  He eventually met a master thief, who would become his mentor, teaching him the art of stealing and eventually he would go on to join a group of anti-Karza rebels. Though Bug was known for his jovial nature, he took his work very seriously and gained a well-earned reputation.

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