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Real Name
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
First Appearance
Uncanny X-Men #201 (January 1986) (as infant), New Mutants #87 (March 1990) (as Cable)
Chris Claremont, Rick Leonardi (Nathan Summers) Louise Simonson, Rob Liefeld (Cable)
Team Affliations
X-Men, X-Force (Leader), Askani, Six Pack (Leader), The Twelve (Not a team so much as a group of 12 influential mutants), New Mutants, The Underground
Nathan Winters, Nathan Dayspring, Askani'son, Soldier X, Chosen One, Traveler
Base of Operations
Often in Flux

Telekinesis Technopathy

Enhanced physical attributes
Skills and Abilities
Expert marksman and hand-to-hand combatant, experienced military leader
Tools and Weapons
Various Guns and Weapons, Teleporter

Cable (Nathaniel Summers) is a mutant superhero from the Marvel Universe and the sometimes leader of the superhero team X-Force.


Nathaniel Summers was the son of X-Man Cyclops who was born with a deadly virus, given to him by the villain Apocalypse. The only way to survive was to send him to a time where the progression of the illness could be held back, which was also a time where Apocalypse controlled the Earth. Growing to become a soldier, Nathaniel eventually traveled by to the present to fight Apocalypse and other villains who threaten the future of man and mutant alike.


Birth and Early Childhood[]

Born to Scott Summers (the X-Men leader Cyclops) and Madelyne Pryor, Nathaniel Summer's birth was orchestrated by the supervillain known as Mr. Sinister, who planned to use a mutant of superior capabilities to destroy his former master, the villain known as Apocalypse. Soon after his birth, Rachel Summers (a mutant from the future), created a psionic bond with the child and vowed to protect him.

When demonic influences possessed Madelyne Pryor and transformed her into the Goblyn Queen, she tried to use the infant as a sacrifice to open a portal to the demon dimension of Limbo, forcing the X-Men and X-Factor to stop her. While the Goblyn Queen was stopped, Apocalypse decided to make sure that the child Nathan Summers could not be used to defeat him by infecting the infant with a techno-organic virus.

The X-Men defeated Apocalypse, but the infant was still infected. Soon after, a figure who identified herself as Sister Askani from the Clan Askani said that she wanted to take the child to her future to save his life. However, Sister Askani revealed that it would be a one way trip, with the child being unable to return to the future after being cured.

The baby was then taken to 2,000 years in the future, where it was placed in the care of Mother Askani, who was, in fact, the Rachel Summers of the future. There, the young child was called the Dayspring and the Askani'son and was worshiped as a messiah. With the Askani fearing that the virus that Nathan was infected with could kill him at any time, they created a clone of him who didn't have the infection that held back his powers. However, shortly after the creation of the clone, it was kidnapped by agents of Apocalypse, bringing it to their master who raised it as their own, naming him Stryfe.

Training as a Warrior[]


Appears in X-Men cartoon and Deadpool 2.