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The Caged Demonwolf


Real Name
First Appearance
Empowered (Vol. 1) #1 (March, 2007)
Adam Warren
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Possession, Strength, Demonic Powers
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
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The Caged Demonwolf is a supervillain/demonic god who appears in the Empowered comic book series.


Little has been revealed of the history of the Caged Demonbeast save that it is ancient and extremely evil.


The history of the Caged Demonwolf remains largely unknown.  The Demonwolf has, however, mentioned that he was once a mortal being before becoming a demon.  It is first seen possessing a human and going on a rampage, resulting in a battle with the superhero team the Superhomeys.  Eventually, the Superhomey member Empowered is able to defeat it by restraining it in "Imperial Cosmichains" but then finds that with nowhere to put the beast, it now must remain imprisoned in Empowered's apartment.

Despite being an evil god, Empowered, as well as the superheroes Thugboy and Ninjette become good friends with the creature.  The Caged Demonwolf also doesn't mind imprisonment terribly due to the nature of his powers allowing him to experience non-linear time, meaning he can enjoy his freedom of the past and the future whenever he so chooses.


In his first appearance, he is shown to be a force of seemingly unyeilding evil and reveling in it.


Possession - Despite his great power, the Caged Demonwolf needs a human host to maintain his presence in the physical plane.

Incorporeal - When not in possession of a body, the Caged Demonwolf cannot be effect or be effected by the world around it without using magic.

Non-Linear Perception of Time - The Caged Demonwolf is capable of seeing the past, present and future simultaneously.

Skills and Abilities[]

Not much is seen of any non-supernatural abilities that the Caged Demonwolf has, though it seems to be able to fight fairly competantly.