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Camille Chameleon


Real Name
Camille (last name unknown)
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck "Calm a Chameleon"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
Camille the Chameleon
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Able to transform and blend in to her surroundings
Skills and Abilities
Counterfeiting, Genetic Engineering Mastery

Camille Chameleon is a supervillainess in the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

Camille Chameleon is voiced by Jennifer Darling.


Camille was a scientist who felt she couldn't fit in anywhere, until she used her knowledge of biology to transform her own body and began a life of crime to continue her research.


Not much has been revealed of her past, save that even as a child, Camille felt she didn't belong anywhere.  Noticing the ability of chameleons to blend into their surroundings, Camille dedicated her life to science for the express purpose of finding a way to gain similar abilities.  She was eventually able to created a serum that mutated her DNA in a way that allowed her to impersonate people and even inanimate objects.

However, to continue her experiments, Camille needed more money.  To this end, Camille used her newfound mastery of stealth and disguise to steal printing plates to print money she needed for her experiments.  Darkwing Duck soon caught wind of her counterfeiting scheme and with the help of Darkwing's neighbor, the child Honker Muddlefoot, Darkwing and friends were able to defeat Camille by utilizing her weakness: her lizard-like cold blood and her inability to tolerate high temperatures.


Boom! Comics[]

Camille later allied herself with the Beagle Boys to steal a ruby for John D. Rockerduck, only to end up thwarted.


Camille is a criminal but primarily sees crime and money as means to an end: continuing her research to further turn herself into a chameleon-like creature. Camille has an obsession with chameleons, envying their ability to fit in and hide wherever they were.


Shapeshift - By genetically altering herself, Camille has gained some shape changing abilities to blend in with her surroundings.

Skills and Abilities[]