Captain America

Ultimate Captain America.jpg

Real Name
Steve Rogers
First Appearance
The Ultimates #1 (March, 2002)
Mark Millar, Bryan Hitch (based upon the original character by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby)
Team Affliations
The Ultimates
Base of Operations
New York City
Superhuman strength, agility and reflexes
Skills and Abilities
Brilliant Fighter and Strategist, Leadership Expertise
Tools and Weapons

Captain America is a superhero in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, an alternate universe version of Captain America.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Steve Rogers was a weak man who wanted to do his part to fight in World War II and was given the opportunity to become a super-soldier for his government. After battling the Nazies as superhuman soldier for years, he disappeared, only to be discovered decades later frozen in ice. Freed and still alive, Rogers fights for America once again as Captain America.

In other media[edit | edit source]

The films used this version of the mask because it is less because it is less silly than the wings hanging from his mask.

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