Captain Invincible

Captain Invincible.jpg

Real Name
First Appearance
The Return of Captain Invincible, 1983
Philippe Mora, Steven E. de Souza, Andrew Gaty
Team Affliation
The Man of Magnet, The Legend in Leotards, The Caped Contender
Base of Operations
New York City (previously), Australia (while in exile)
Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Magnetism, "Computer" Brain
Skills and Abilities
Experienced Hand-to-Hand Fighter
Tools and Weapons

Captain Invincible is the lead character in the 1983 Australian musical film The Return of Captain Invincible.

Captain Invincible was played by Alan Arkin.


No origin has been given for Captain Invincible.


Captain Invincible first appeared during World War II, fighting criminals and Nazis and representing good and honesty and kept fighting evil and crime well into the 1950's. However, some time in the 1950's, Captain Invincible was accused of being a communist (as well as violating US air space, impersonating a military officer by using the name "Captain" and indecent outfits) and was publicly scorned by the population. Deciding America no longer needed him, Captain Invincible under a cloud of allegations from House of Unamerican Activities, flew to Australia and fell into a vicious cycle of drinking and depression.

Thirty years passed and Captain Invincible decided to live in the crown of the Statue of Liberty, surrounded by momentoes of his old victories. Invincible was sought to return to action when his arch-nemesis Mr. Midnight returned and stole a hypno-ray. Patty Patria, an Australian police officer, found Invincible after she saved her life from Midnight's men and asked him to return to action.  Captain Invincible was hesitant at first, feeling that people have changed for the worst and lost their ideals, but agreed to try to put an end to Mr. Midnight. However, first Invincible needed to get back into training to overcome years of alcoholism and being out of practice.

Eventually, he faced Mr. Midnight, who attempted to tempt him back into alcoholism. Captain Invincible nonetheless defeated Mr. Midnight and his plot to kill the world's minorities and became a respected hero once again.


Captain Invincible is a forthright and honest superhero who truly wants to make the world a better place.  Following his fall from grace, he became a disillusioned alcoholic barely able to properly remember how to be a superhero or even string coherent sentences together.


Flight - Captain Invincible can fly through the air at high speed, but it shown struggling to control his flight while trying to overcome his alcoholism.

Super Speed - Captain Invincible can move at super speed while running or flying.

Super Strength - Captain Invincible is much stronger than regular humans.

Magnetism - Captain Invincible has a control of magnetism and can make himself magnetic.

Computer Brain - Captain Invincible has what is described as a "computer brain", presumably due to having super-intellegence.

Skills and Abilities

Captain Invincible is an experienced crime fighter, though alcoholism had dulled his abilities for a time.

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