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This is a disambiguation page for all of the various superhero characters with the name Captain Marvel.


- Billy Batson is the Captain Marvel created by Fawcett Comics and is currently a part of the DC Universe.  He was the first hero to bear this name.

- Billy Batson's sidekicks Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel both took on the identity of Captain Marvel in different story arcs.


Carol Danvers is the current Captain Marvel and was known for the longest time as Ms. Marvel.

- Mar-Vell is the first hero to be known as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

- Monica Rambeau was also known as Captain Marvel, as well as Photon and Pulsar.

- Genis-Vell was Mar-Vell's son and both he and Rick Jones shared a body when they acted as Captain Marvel (it is also worth noting that this is the only Marvel who was also a villain)

- Phyla-Vell was more commonly known as Quasar, but took on the identity of Captain Marvel for a time,

- Khn'nr was a skrull invader who posed as the original Captain Marvel, even allowing himself to become brainwashed to forget he was a skrull.

- Noh-Varr is more commonly known as Marvel Boy who took on the Captain Marvel identity when he joined the Dark Avengers.

- Mahr-Vehl is the Captain Marvel of the Ultimate Marvel Universe.

- In the comic book mini-series Fantastic Four: The End, the superheroine Kismet becomes the new Captain Marvel.


- Captain Marvel is the combination of the DC and Marvel's Captain Marvel characters in the Amalgam Universe.

M.F. Enterprises[]

- The character of Captain Marvel published bt M.F. Enterprises had the power to take his body apart like a jigsaw puzzle.