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Captain Nemo

Captain Nemo.png

Real Name
First Appearance
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (vol. 1) #1 (March, 1999)
Jules Verne (original character)
Team Affliations
Nautilus I crew, Nautilus II crew, MI5, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Base of Operations
Mobile (via the Nautilus)
Skills and Abilities
Scientific and Strategic Genius, Master Swordsman
The Nautilus

Captain Nemo is an antihero and member of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and is based on the character from the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.


After he lost his family to a war, Prince Dakkar left his homeland and became obsessed with scientific research, occasionally using his genius to aid the oppressed.


Much of Nemo's background is murky, but it is known that he is Prince Dakkar, the Sikh son of the Raja of Bundelkund. Dakkar lost his family and kingdom in the First Indian War for Independence and gained a strong dislike for imperalism (in particular, that of Britain). From then on, Dakkar focused himself on scientific research, in order to make a better world and eventually became a genius inventor. His most notable creation was the Nautilus, an early form of submarine, which he used, along with a faithful crew, to gather gold bullion from shipwrecks to finance his work.

Though he has claimed to have little interest in the world above the waves, he has occasionally helped those in need, particularly the oppressed, such as when he helped a group of Cretans revolt against their Turkish rulers.