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Captain Underpants

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Real Name
Benjamin Krupp
First Appearance
The Adventures of Captain Underpants (1997)
Dav Pilkey
Team Affliations
Mr. Krupp
Base of Operations
Piqua, Ohio
Skills and Abilities
Principal Experience
Tools and Weapons
Punch And Kick

Captain Underpants (Principal Benjamin Krupp) is a superhero who is the star of the Captain Underpants novel series aimed at young readers.


Mean and humourless Principal Benjamin Krupp is one day hypnotized into thinking he is the comic book hero created by two young students at his school.


The Adventures of Captain Underpants[]

Little is known about Prinicpal Krupp's childhood, save that his favorite book is the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, minus the part where the Grinch redeems himself.  It is known that his parents were John and Bernice Krupp and he has a younger brother named Jasper.  Eventually, Krupp became the principal for Jerome Horwitz Junior High in Piqua, Ohio, where he became noted for his cruelty, unfairness and dislike of children.  He is particularly cruel to George Beard and Harold Hutchins, two students known for their love of comic books and are aspiring comic creators in their own right.  One of their creations is a comic book called "The Amazing Captain Underpants", which they sell on the schoolyard.  When he found evidence of them pulling a number of pranks at the school, he blackmailed them into doing a number of humiliating and spirit-draining tasks.

Pushed to the brink, George ordered a "3-D Hypno Ring" from the L'il Wiseguys novelty company and used it to hypnotize Krupp so they could get their hands back on the video and get out from under Krupp's thumb.  The ring worked and for revenge the boys used the ring to humiliate Krupp.  One of the humiliations was having them act like Captain Underpants (including wearing nothing but a cape and underpants), the character they created, only to find to their surprise that Krupp jumped out the window to start fighting crime.

As Captain Underpants, Krupp managed to stop a bank robbery, but only because the criminals wee incapacitated with laughter at the sight of the "hero".  The boys whisked away Krupp before the police could arrest him only to run into a villain named Dr. Diaper, who was planning to conquer the Earth by destroying the moon and every major city in the world.  Captain Underpants found himself captured while George and Harold retreated in order to think of a way to stop Dr. Diaper.  The Boys returned and manage to free Captain Underpants and working together managed to defeat Dr. Diaper.  Krupp is later seemingly returned to normal but it is soon discovered that Krupp returns to his Captain Underpants persona any time someone snaps their fingers.

Attack of the Talking Toilets[]

After mistaking a duplicating machine for a regular photocopier copy, Harold and George unintentionally unleash an army of talking toilets on their school.