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When Galactica Battlestar Galactica reaches Earth, Captain Troy and Captain Dillon are sent to investigate our planet. Being aliens, they demonstrate superhuman strength, utilized to jump twenty feet or so. They also use alien technology to perform feats. They seem to perform as normal humans excepting the leaping ability. Dillon has a device to research Earth's history, society, and practically all Earth knowledge. For the time of 1980, this is a far-flung Wikia site on a cell phone .


BLASTER A type of energy weapon or laser beam, the blasters can be set to a range from stun to presumably kill.

CLOAKING DEVICE A device worn on their wrists can turn the captains invisible for short periods of time. Their through the use of a device on their wrists. They have the ability to time travel through utilizing equipment on the Galactica and presumably the other starships.


COLONIAL VIPER Three-engine fighter spaceships. Highly maneuverable with laser weapons shooting forward, It is a VTOL craft, and can be landed on most adequate surfaces. It also has cloaking, though this is used to disguise it when it is left in an area, and is not used in dogfights. The vehicle is still tangible as well.

GRAVITY MOTORCYCLE Can fly through gravity manipulation. No native armament is shown, and the motorcycles display no extraordinary speed on land.


Battlestar Galactica Flying Bike