Carl Grissom

Carl Grissom.jpg

Real Name
Carl Grissom
First Appearance
Batman (1989)
Sam Hamm, Tim Burton
Team Affiliations
Gotham mafia
Base of Operations
Gotham City
Skills and Abilities
Experienced crime lord

Carl Grissom was Gotham City's feared crime lord in the film Batman.

Carl Grissom is played by Jack Palance.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Carl Grissom's past is never revealed.

He suspected that his right-hand man Jack Napier was having an affair with his girlfriend Alicia. Grissom then set Napier up by sending him to the local chemical plant to turn the place over. The police raid the plant after being tipped off by Grissom that Napier was there. Batman also turns up and after a confrontation, sends Napier plummeting into a vat of chemicals. Jack Napier then visits a plastic surgeon to get his chemically ravaged face corrected, but the surgeon couldnt do much with him and has to leave Napier looking like a clown with chalk-white skin, ruby red lips which are in the shape of a permanent smile and bright green hair. Napier's first port of call is Carl Grissom's appartment. He reveals to Grissom that he knows that it was him that tipped off the police and that he has now rechristned himself as The Joker. He then proceedes to shoot Grissom dead and take over his criminal empire.

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