Catwoman has appeared in a great number of other media beyond the mainstream DC Universe comic books.

Film (Live Action)Edit

Batman: The MovieEdit

Catwoman Merriweather

Catwoman's first film appeared was in the 1966 adaptation of the Batman TV series.  She appeared as one of the four villains alongside the Joker, the Riddler and the Penguin who were plotting to kidnap the world leaders at a United Nations meeting.  As part of this plot, she disguises herself as the Soviet reporter Ms. Kitka, and goes out on a date with Bruce Wayne (who is secretly the superhero Batman) only to kidnap him in an attempt to gain Batman's attention. Eventually, she and the other villains are defeated and her true identity is exposed, much to Batman/Bruce Wayne's dismay, as he had fallen for Ms. Kitka.

Catwoman is played by Lee Merriweather in the film.

Batman ReturnsEdit

Catwoman appears as one of the primary antagonists and tragic antihero in the second Batman film Batman Returns.  In this version, Selina Kyle began as a mousy employee to the unscrupulous businessman Max Shreck.  When she learned of Shrek illegal activities, which caused Max to kill her by throwing her off of a roof.  Selina managed to survive and was re-awakened by a gang of alley cats.  Reborn, Selina suddenly found herself much more confident, aggressive and strangely agile and adopted the identity of Catwoman in order to enjoy her newfound erratic attitude.  During her escapades, she encountered Batman who tried to stop her, causing the two both to battle and to feel a strong romantic connection between them.
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