Real Name
Anacleto Kal-el Pacheco
First Appearance
No information
Leopoldo Jasso
Team Affiliations
No information
No information
Base of Operations
No information
Flight, Super Speed, Super Hearing, X-Ray Vision, Mental Powers, Healing Powers
Skills and Abilities
Problem solving experience

El Cerdotado is a pig superhero who appears in a Mexican comic strip of the same name.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Son of a superhero with the same name, El Cerdotado decided to take over for his father after his passing.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Anacleto Kal-el Pacheco was a little pig born to his father El Babe Pacheco and an unnamed mother.  He also has a brother named Quitapon and the two were born with superpowers, as their father was a powerful hero. El Babe Pacheco was a superhero named El Cerdotado who helped those in need until he was killed and turned into Chorizo by the villain The Butcher Malora. Following his father's passing, El Cerdotado decided to take up his father's cause and became a crime fighter.

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