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Chain Lightning
Chain Lightning.jpg
Real Name
Mallory Bulson
First Appearance
Ball and Chain #1 (November, 1999)
Scott Lobdell, Alé Garza
Team Affliation
Ball and Chain
Base of Operations
No information
Flight, Electrical Powers
Skills and Abilities
Tools and Weapons

Chain Lightning is a superheroine and one of the two leads of the comic book mini-series Ball and Chain.


As Mallory Bulson and her husband finished a fight they felt meant the end of their marriage, both where bathed in light from a meteor that gave them superpowers, which she used to fight evil as Chain Lightning.


Mallory Bulson's early life remains largely unknown or what her maiden name is.  Mallory married Edgar Bulson, but three years later, they found their marriage on the rocks.  However, when the pair was about to split up, they found themselves bathed in strange extra-terrestrial energies that gave them super-powers.  However, they also learned that the powers only work when they are near each other, meaning that if they want to become superheroes, they have to remain together.


Due to the unique nature of her superpowers, Mallory Bulson can only activate her powers when she is near her husband Edgar.

Flight - As long as she is near Edgar, Mallory is capable of flight.

Eletrical Manipulation - Chain Lightning has the power to generate and control electricity.

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