Real Name
Jonothon "Jono" Evan Starsmore
First Appearance
Generation X (Vol. 1) #1 (November 1994)
Scott Lobdell, Chris Bachalo
Team Affiliations
New Warriors, Clan Akkaba, Generation X, X-Men, Weapon X, Jean Grey School
Base of Operations
New York City
Possesses a furnace of psionic energy in chest, Telepathy, Created solidified sound constructs [formerly]
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience

Chamber (Jonothan Starsmore) is a superhero in the Marvel Universe and was a member of Generation X and the X-Men.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Jonothon Starsmore was a young man who developed powerful psychic powers.  However, it was so powerful is destroyed his jaw, causing psychic energy to flow from his face.  He ended up joining the teen superhero team Generation X.

Biography[edit | edit source]

The specifics of Jonothan's early life is unknown, though it is known that he is a London-born native.  Known as Jono to his friends, he lead a relatively normal life and was in a relationship with a woman named Gayle Edgerton.  However, he was born a mutant and as a teenager his power materalized when his chest became a powerful furnace of psionic energy.

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