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Real Name
Benton Harbor
First Appearance
Chickenman, "The Origin of Chickenman"
Dick Orkin
Team Affliations
The Wonderful White-Winged Warrior
Base of Operations
Midland City
Skills and Abilities
Has Free Weekends
Tools and Weapons

Chickenman (Benton Harbor) is a superhero created by comedian Dick Orkin for the radio comedy series Chickenman in the 1960s.

Chickenman was played by Dick Orkin.


Owning a chicken suit and having nothing better to do on weekends, Benton Harbor offers the city his superheroing service as Chickenman.


Benton Harbor, a man with a superhero costume and free time on the weekend, one day went to city hall to offer his superhero services.  The Mayor agreed and henceforth Chickenman became the feathery protector of Midland City.  He would go on to fight such villains as the Choker, the Hummer, the Chicken-Plucker, the Dog Lady, Big Clyde Crushman, the Bear Lady, the Very Diabolical Rodney Farber and the Couple from SHTICK.  On occasions that Benton isn't available to be Chickenman, his mother Mildred fills in for him as the Maternal Marauder (AKA The Masked Mother).

Later, Chickenman forms the BEAK (Beautiful Earth & Air Keepers) Patrol for the purpose of keeping Midland City safe from unscrupulous or negligent polluters.  After that, he decided that since he was growing older that he would open a crime fighting school so that a new generation of heroes could carry the torch of crime-fighting.


Benton Harbor, despite his eccentricity of being a superhero despite a lack of skills is relatively straight-laced and somewhat foolish.

Skills and Abilities[]

He has no particularly impressive skills or abilities, but he is free on weekends.


The Chicken Coupe - Chickenman's car, which he uses to get to crime scenes.