Real Name
First Appearance
Wonder Woman (Vol. 1) #37 (September/October, 1949)
Robert Kanigher, Harry G. Peter
Team Affliation
Injustice Gang
Cassandra Colchis, Donna Milton
Base of Operations
Her island
Powerful Witchcraft
Skills and Abilities
Master sorceress
Tools and Weapons
Many magical artifacts

Circe is a villainess in the DC Universe and an enemy of Wonder Woman.  She is the same Circe who appears in the epic poem the Odyssey by Homer.


Circe was a witch granted powers by the goddess Hecate who fled after murdering her husband and practiced magic until she became vastly powerful, halting her age with her mystical powers and learning to manipulate people to her advantage.



Circe's childhood is largely unknown.  Circe first appeared as a centuries old witch who kept herself young with a potion called vitae she created with plants and herbs.  Circe lived on the island Aeaea where she learned her magic and practice the art of turning men into animals that resembled their inner selves.  In response to her crimes, the Queen of the Amazon Hippolyta exiled Circe into an island in space known as Sorca where she could "do no harm."

Circe eventually returned and having heard a prophecy that Hippolyta's daughter Diana would lead to her death, she went about trying to destroy her.  She fails, but vows again to defeat Diana (now known as the superheroine Wonder Woman).  Later, she gained the help of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca to defeat Wonder Woman in the jungle of Tropidor.  When Tezcatlipoca fired magical lightning bolts at Wonder Woman, she used her magical bracelets to deflect them, inadvertantly setting on fire the magic herbs that Circe used to keep herself young.  This fulfilled the prophecy and Tezcatlipoca trapped Circe in a mirror, where she was taunted by a reflection of herself as a crone for all eternity.


Following the event known as the Crisis, history was destroyed and re-written, including Circe's past.  Sometime previous to 1,200 B.C., Circe was the princess of Colchis who was exiled by her own people after murdering her weak husband.  Exiled, she found herself on a small island called Aeaea, where she could accumulate great magical powers, but only within the island.  Circe prayed for power and it was eventually granted to her by the goddess Hecate, who wanted to use Circe in her plans for revenge against the Greek Pantheon.

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