Citizen V is the name of several superheroes in the Marvel Universe and was famously Baron Zemo's guise as leader of the Thunderbolts.

John Watkins[edit | edit source]

Citizen V

Citizen V.jpg

Real Name
John Watkins
First Appearance
Daring Mystery Comics #8 (January, 1942)
Ben Thompson
Team Affiliations
Lieutenant John Watkins, John Waters
Base of Operations
Occupied Europe
Skills and Abilities
Very skilled soldier
Standard military equipment

John Watkins was the first superhero to take on the identity of Citizen V.

Origin[edit | edit source]

John Watkins seemingly died in the second world war in the eyes of the public, but he survived and became an underground resistance fighter in Nazi Germany under the guise of Citizen V.

Biography[edit | edit source]

John Watkins early life and childhood remains unknown.  At some point, he became a British soldier prior to or during World War II where he attained the rank of Lieutenant.  In 1940, he was thought dead during the retreat at Dunkirk.

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