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First Appearance
Marvel Comics Presents #158 (July, 1994)
Alan Davis
Destine Family Mansion
Adam Destine, Albert Destine, Elalyth, Argent, Cap’n Oz, Crimson Crusader, Cuckoo (Kay Cera), Gracie Gamble, Hex, Imp, Newton Destine, Wallop, Florence Destine, Maurice Fortuit, Vincent Destine
Rallying Cry
Destine Family

The ClanDestine is a British superhero family in theMarvel Universe.


in the 12th century, a man named Adam freed a Djinn from an evil wizard, only to have him and his bloodline given special powers that he and his family would use to protect the world.


Adam and Elalyth[]

In 1168 A.D., Adam (last name unknown) was born in Ravenscroft, a small village. At age 16, Adam had a near fatal accident but miraculously recovered following a dream of a strange woman who didn't seem entirely human and he was renamed Adam of Destine by the people of his village, due to their belief that he was destined for greatness. Adam would go onto join the Third Crusade and found that he was never injured and battle and believed that the "angel" that he dreamed about was protecting him. However, this lead to him becoming overconfident and was eventually captured by Al Kadhdhaab, a warlord who needed Adam to defeat a wizard. The wizard, Sujanaa min Raghbah, possessed a magic gem capable of granting wishes and both the wizard and Al Kadhdhaab had prophetic dreams wherein Adam killed Sujanaa. When Adam confronted Sujanaa, the wizard quickly overwhelmed him and began talking about how his gem would not betray him and that he would not let Adam kill him.

However, as Adam began to talk to Sujanaa, he convinced him that he had wasted his life by merely dedicating his power to protect his power. During his moment of doubt, Adam killed Sujanaa, only to be betrayed by Kadhdhaab, who tried to take the gem for himself.  Adam destroyed the gem, which released a genie named Elalyth, who killed Kadhdhaab and granted Adam with the gifts of immortality and invulnerability.  Elalyth and Adam would become lovers thereafter.

The Birth of a Clan[]

Over the centuries, Elalyth and Adam conceived many children.