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Clark Kent is the future Superman in his teenage years. He is infatuated with the stunning Lana Lang, best friends with Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan, and in his mid-to-late teens, was on a best friend and big brother relationship with Lex Luthor. His Kryptonian powers of super strength, super speed, x-ray vision, and super hearing have risen to the surface which he has masters, but his power of flight seems to happen while he is unconscious. His adoptive parents, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent has been keeping his secret for the longest and vowed to keep it, especially in the hands of Lionel Luthor, as well as Jor-El.




Kal-El was born on the plant Krypton as the only son of Jor-El and Lara. Whe he was only a few weeks old, his homeworld was facing destruction when the core was ignited by his uncle Zor-El due to General Zod's attempt to conquer their people. To save his child, Jor-El would place Kal-El into a spaceship and sent him to Earth in the hope that he would be raised by a good family after having visited the planet many years ago. Lara would be unsure on whether mankind would accept Kal-El though Jor-El would reassure her that the family he had chosen would be good for him. The craft containing the baby Kal-El would arrive on Earth during a meteor shower where it landed in Smallville, Kansas on October 16, 1989. He was around two or three years old at the time when his ship crashed where he was discovered at Miller's Field by Jonathan and Martha Kent. The pair were unable to have a child by themselves and decided to adopt the young orphan who would be raised as their son. Lionel Luthor owed Jonathan Kent a favor and helped him produce forged paperwork that made it official where they arbitrarily picked May 13, 1987 and named him after Martha's maiden name where he was given the name of Clark Kent.


Personality and attributes[]

Powers and abilities[]

He was vulnerable to both Kryptonite and magic.


  • Clark Kent in Smallville was played by actor Tom Welling.


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