Real Name
Sarah Brandeis
First Appearance
Astro City (Vol. 1) #1, (August, 1995)
Kurt Busiek, Brent Anderson, Alex Ross
Team Affiliations
Honor Guard, The Omega Rangers
Base of Operations
Astro City
Energy Blasts, Energy Based Constructs. Flight, Super Strength
Skills and Abilities
Fighting Experience
Tools and Weapons
The Sun-Staff of Ra

Cleopatra is the name of two superheroines, both of whom appeared in the comic book series Astro City.


The First CleopatraEdit

The origin of Cleopatra has yet to be revealed.

Sarah BrandeisEdit

When lab assistant Sarah Brandeis was targeted by the villain Hellsingor, she was forced to wear a magic amulet in order to stop him and became the new Cleopatra.


The First CleopatraEdit

The true name and origin of the first Cleopatra have yet to be revealed.  What is known is that she had been fighting crime in the 1950's-60's and was a member of the Honor Guard.

Sarah BrandeisEdit

Little is known about Sarah Brandes youth and family.  At some point, she became a lab assistant to the archaeologist Dr. McGillicuddy. In 1982, Cr. McGillicuddy had found an ancient artefact known as the Gem of Thebis, which contained great magical powers.  When the villain Hellsingor came looking for it, he came into conflict many of Astro City's heroes, the conflict eventually ending with Sarah Brandeis getting caught up in the conflict when Hellsingor finally found the Gem (which was attached to a necklace) in her workplace.  Soon the Omega Rangers appeared to battle Hellsingor and in the heat of battle, the Omega Ranger member Point Man threw the necklace around Sarah's neck.  Sarah then became the new Cleopatra and gained all of her powers, which she used to banish Hellsingor to another dimension.

After that, Cleopatra was assisted by the Omega Rangers to cope with her new powers and her new situation.  Soon she adjusted and found her place as a member of the new team.  She later joined the Honor Guard and works with them to this day.

The Honor GuardEdit

Currently, Cleopatra is a member of the Honor Guard and plays a crucial role in the management of the employees of the Honor Guard's Emergency Call Center, designed to receive emergency calls and investigate possible crises on the rise.


Cleopatra and Sarah seem to have different personalities, with Cleopatra being authoritative and proud with Sarah, at least by comparison, being much more subdued.  She is also compassionate and encourages others in their work. Very little of the personality of the first hero to take on the identity of Cleopatra has been shown or commented on.


Cleopatra's powers seem to stem from the magical artifact known as the Sun Staff of Ra, though it is possible some of her powers may not be directly connected to it.  Her powers include:

Power-Pyramid - Cleopatra is capable of creating a pyramid-shaped force field of pure energy referred to as a Power-Pyramid.  She can make it different sizes and it can be used to shield from attacks and restrain targets.

Weather Control - Cleopatra's Sun-Staff of Ra allows Cleopatra to control the weather, including fierce winds, rain and lightning.

Flight - Cleopatra is able to flight under her own power.

Super Strength - Cleopatra has super strength great enough to be comparable to her team mates The Gentleman and The Samaritan, with a punch capable of toppling giants and capable of lifting extremely heavy objects.

Super Endurance - Along with her super strength, Cleopatra is unnaturally durable, able to withstand extremely powerful forces and even survive in space without any apparatus.

Transformation - Sarah Brandeis becomes Cleopatra through a magical transformation she can control and is likely completely mortal in her civilian identity.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Cleopatra has been fighting evil for decades, giving her the experience to be an extremely talented hero.  In addition, her alter ego Sandra Brandeis has been in the field of archaeology for decades and is currently an archaeology professor.


The Gem of Thebis - This item allows Sarah to become Cleopatra.  The extact details of the full extent of its power an its origin have yet to be revealed.

The Staff of Ra - Though it seems to be how Cleopatra can summon her Power-Pyramids, its specific capablities are unknown.

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