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The Clubhouse Heroes
First Appearance
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Season 5 Episode 6: Super Adventure
Super Mickey (aka Mickey Mouse)
Super Goof (aka Goofy)
Dynamo Duck (aka Donald Duck)
Upsy Daisy (aka Daisy Duck)
Super Power Pup (aka Pluto)
Wonder Minnie (aka Wonder Minnie)
Power Pants Pete (aka Pete)
Super Mickey: Flight and Super Strength
Super Goof: Elasticity
Dynamo Duck: Super Speed
Upsy Daisy: Telekinesis
Super Power Pup: Flight and enhanced dog abilities
Power Pants Pete: Flight via his rocket powered pants
Super Power Bands, to allow the team to keep track of how much power they have
Super Wonder Bows, used only by Wonder Minnie to tie anyone up in a bow
Rocket powered pants, worn only by Power Pants Pete so he could fly and take everything he shrunk for Mega Mort
Rally Call
"Up and away, let's save the day!"
The Super Jet

The Clubhouse Heroes are a team of superheroes consisting of Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Donald & Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto created by Professor Ludwig Von Drake's Super Maker Machine in the episode of the children's television show, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, known as Super Adventure.

  • Bio

The team was formed by Professor Ludwig Von Drake in order to stop the villainous duo of Power Pants Pete and Mega Mort from shrinking everything and in order to get back the parts of the clubhouse that they had stolen. However, during the course of the mission, the team had problems with their teamwork and tried to stop the villains by themselves, but that resulted in Mickey getting captured by Mega Mort. Also, since Professor Von Drake told them that their powers were only temporary, they ran out of power before they could save their friend and team leader and stop the villain.

But, once they agreed to work as a team, they regained their powers, saved their friend and leader, stopped and saved Mega Mort, after he betrayed his henchman because of his failure, and grew everything that was shrunk back to its original size.