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The Coach


Real Name
First Appearance
X-Force (vol. 1) #116
Peter Milligan, Mike Allred
Team Affliation
X-Force (as manager)
The Arm
Base of Operations
Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Unknown (related to his "special arm" that was lost some time ago)
Skills and Abilities
Deceit, Team Management, Strategy
Tools and Weapons

The Coach is a mentor to the superhero team X-Force when the team was owned by Spike Freeman.


The Coach's origins are unknown, save that he was once an X-Force member named "The Arm".


Little is known about the Coach's past save that he was once a mutant "hero" known as the Arm, who possessed a "special arm", the abilities of which are also shrouded in mystery.  After he lost his arm, he ended up with X-Force when it was owned by trillionaire Spike Freeman and helped him mold the team, acting as a mentor, supervisor and taskmaster.

Later, he worked with then-X-Force leader Zeitgeist to assassinate the majority of the current X-Force team to manipulate the X-Force brand and ended up allowing Zeitgeist himself to die.  He soon installed the mutant known as the Orphan as the new team leader and sent the new team on a mission to save a young mutant from the Cuban government.

However, when the Orphan discovered that the mutant was going to have his body harvested for medical science, he hid the boy with a new family.  In retaliation, Coach and Spike Freeman plotted to have Orphan killed in what looked like an accident using ambitious young teammate U-Go Girl to carry out the assassination.  She complied, but when she finished her mission, the Coach drugged her and attempted to sexually assault her.

This is when the Orphan arrived to reveal that U-Go Girl's assassination attempt, using the Orphan's penchant for playing Russian roulette with himself by giving him a fully loaded fun, failed due to the fact that his extremely sensitive senses could help him feel the difference between the weight of a loaded gun and that of an empty one.  Coach called on two henchman but was eventually killed by U-Go Girl with the same gun that would have been used to kill the Orphan.


The Coach often acted gruff towards the team while trying to keep their conflicting egos under control.  He also has proven himself willing to rape and murder, showing little empathy or remorse for his actions, though he largely hides these aspects of his nature from the public and the X-Force.


The Arm - References are made to the Coach's "special arm" that he once had, but it seems that he had lost it before being a mentor to X-Force. The nature of the "special arm" remains unknown.

Skills and Abilities[]

Team Management - Coach is competent in managing the team from behind the scenes and figuring out how to utilize each member.