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Codename Black

Codename Black.jpg

Real Name
Zane Ladle
First Appearance
The End League #2 (March, 2008)
Rick Remender, Mat Broome
Team Affliations
The End League
Base of Operations
Information needed
Skills and Abilities
Agility, Fighting Expertise
Tools and Weapons
Gadgets, Power Suit

Codename Black is a superhero in the Dark Horse comic book series The End League.


The only member of his family not to recieve superpowers, Zane Ladle decided to compensate with deadly martial arts training from the warrior Black Sun and superpowered armor that allowed him to become the self-made hero Codename: Black.


Zane Ladle was born into the wealthy Ladle family, all of whom had superpowers (except himself) created by the mysterious "Green Event". The family (who called themselves the Family Fear) he was born into used their special abilties to gain wealth, power, and influence in the criminal underworld.  Zane didn't care about the morality of his lifestyle until his mother was murdered by the other members of his family, stoking a desire to destroy his family.  It was then Zane hired Black Son, the world's greatest martial artist, to train him to become strong enough to face even the most powerful superhuman on his own.  Eventually Zane became one of the deadliest humans alive and began to use a special armor that augmented his strength and protected him from psychic attacks. Following an event that nearly ended the world and put the world's villains in power, Zane (under the moniker Codename Black) allied himself with the world's surviving heroes.  The group called themselves the End League and dedicated themselves to driving back the villains and bringing the world from the brink of destruction.

Skills and Abilities[]

Zane was born without powers and dedicated himself to showing his power through skill and technique.