Commander Cash

Commander Cash.jpg

Real Name
Unknown [in the context of his own TV show], Tex Jones [the cartoonist who created the character and took on his identity]
First Appearance
Robocop: The Series, "The Future of Law Enforcement" (March 14, 1994)
Michael Miner, Edward Neumeier
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Super Strength, Flight
Skills and Abilities
Crime Fighting

Commander Cash was a superhero mascot who appeared in the TV Series Robocop: The Series.

Commander Cash was played by Roddy Piper and Matt Cooke in the episode "Robocop Vs. Commander Cash".  Information is needed on the voice actor for the cartoon version of the character.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The character was originally created by a struggling artist, only to find the character stolen from him.  In the context of his own TV show, his origin is unknown.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History of Tex Jones[edit | edit source]

Tex Jones early life is largely unrevealed.  Tex Jones was a brilliant scientist who also moonlighted as a cartoonist.  He created the character of Commander Cash to become an inspirational figure for kids to make the world a better place.  Jones was also working on new spy technology that would allow hidden subliminal messages that could be sent to soldiers so they could discreetly trade information.  Soon, he was approached by an unscrupulous business man named Simon Atwater who had a plot to use a psychoactive chemical to control the minds of consumers.  Jones rejected the offer immediately and Simon responded by leaving a bomb in Jones' workplace and leaving him for dead. Tex Jones survived and as he recovered, he saw Atwater taking control of both his character and his subliminal communication technology.

Deciding to stop Atwater from using his creations, Tex let the world believe he was dead in order to enact a plan to defeat him.  He concocted a plan to reveal Atwater's misdeeds that involved him taking on the identity of his creation, Commander Cash, complete with gadgets and a costume.

Meeting Robocop[edit | edit source]

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