Commander Safegaurd

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Real Name
First Appearance
Commander Safeguard, 2005
IAL Saatchi & Saatchi (advertising agency)
Team Affliations
Capitan Escudo (Mexican)
Base of Operations
Flight, Super Strength
Skills and Abilities
Expert Martial Artist
No information

Commander Safeguard is a superhero and mascot developed for the Procter & Gamble soap brand, Safeguard.  


No origin has ever been given for Commander Safeguard.


Not much is shown of Commander Safeguard's history or origin, except that when he is needed, he is summoned by his contact to protect children from the entity known as Dirtoo, who is the King of Germs.


Commander Safeguard has a few notable superpowers.

Flight - Commander Safeguard can fly through the air with ease.

Super Strength - Commander Safeguard has also demonstrated that he is incredibly strong.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Expert Martial Artist - Commander Safeguard is very skilled in the martial arts.

History in AdvertisementsEdit

A series of animated short films were made featuring Commander Safeguard as the main character by IAL Saatchi & Saatchi in Pakistan.

As of 2013, 12 episodes were produced in total, in which The Commander battles his arch-nemesis, The King of Germs, Dirtoo.

The animation features a series of colourful allies and enemies, with focus driven on teaching children the importance of washing your hands for the sake of hygiene.

The animation has been adapted in Africa, as well as in the Philippines, where he is known as Captain Safeguard, and in Mexico, where he is known as Capitan Escudo.

Animation is developed by CULT films in Pakistan.

Commander Safeguard's - Cold War

Commander Safeguard's - Cold War

A sample of the animated clip.