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Real Name
Ron Lithgow
First Appearance
Dark Horse Presents (Vol. 1) #1 (July, 1986)
Paul Chadwick
Team Affliations
Base of Operations
Thick, hard concrete like skin
Skills and Abilities
Professional Writer
Tools and Weapons

Concrete (Ron Lithgow) is a superhero created by Paul Chadwick and defies convention by rarely getting involved in conventional superhero battles and focuses his energies on testing his limits and political/ecological activism.


Ron Lithgow was a speech writer on a camping trip when he was kidnapped by aliens.  They transformed his flesh into an impenetrable concrete like substance and though he escaped, he was forever changed into Concrete.


Ron Lithgow's youth is largely undocumented, save that he had a relatively normal childhood. Eventually, he became a political speech writer for U.S. Senator Mark Douglas.  While camping with a friend in the mountains, Ron and a friend of his soon began seeing strange lights in the sky.  The two were soon abducted by mysterious aliens and while in the ship were transformed into inhuman creatures with stone-like skin.  Ron was able to escape from the aliens, though his friend was left behind.

When he had the chance, the first thing he did was contact Mark Douglas for help.  He was taken in by the U.S. government, who preformed a number of tests on him before deciding he was ready once more to re-enter society.  Fearing the reaction from the public if they were not only to learn the existance of alien life but it is also dangerous, the government decided to create a phoney backstory for him, presenting him as a government created cyborg so as not to panic the public.

This causes Ron to become an instant celebrity with the nickname Concrete, due to the armor on his skin being similar in texture and color to concrete.  He appeared in many talk shows and made a fortune in merchandise.  However, feeling that there must be more to do in his situation, he decided to test his powers against various harsh environments.

Due to the nature of his body, his power is far beyond his control, meaning that he is constantly breaking things by accident if he is not careful.  Concrete soon hired a personal assistant, Larry Munroe, to do mundane tasks that are too hard for Concrete to due because of his body.

Along the way, he would occasionally have adventures, though many times, it would simply be a time of introspection for Ron.


Following the events that transformed him into a superhuman creature, Ron became more of an adventure seeker, allowing the opportunities his body presents to go on adventures that could or would endanger a conventional human.


  • Altered Physiology - Ron's physiology had been completely altered by alien beings, which has given him some incredible powers.
    • Super Strength - Ron's body is superhumanly strong, capable of lifting its own very heavy altered body, as well as feats of strength such as being able to lift and destroy vehicles like cars and trucks with ease.
    • Super Endurance - The super heavy and dense rock-like substance covering Ron's body makes him seemingly invulnerable to most forms of conventional damage.