Conner Lance-Queen was the son of the Black Canary and Green Arrow, first appearing in Injustice: Year Two #9.

Green Arrow died. Black Canary cheated death and made it with her son to another universe, where it was implied she would marry the Oliver Queen there, who had lost his Dinah years before.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Metahuman Physiology: Due to his mother possesses a powerful metahuman gene, He has the ability to harness and manipulate ambient sounds around him and transform them into pure energy. But as a side-effect of his metagene, His powers are directly tied to his emotions, and the more emotional he becomes the stronger and unpredictable his powers become.

  • Sound Absorption: Like his mother, Conner is able to psionically control, absorb and manipulate sound waves.
  • Sound Manipulation: Conner can manipulate sound to his desire, for a variety of effects, including:
    • Telekinesis: By psionically manipulating sound waves, Conner is able to levitate, propel and manipulate objects and matter at will.
    • Sound Wave Generation: By harnessing ambient sound-waves, Conner can release it in blasts which can be used to cause great damage and/or deliver great shock waves of pure force.
      • Canary Cry: Due to him possesses his mother's meta-gene, Conner has learned to focus his sound-based powers to produce a powerful sonic scream capable of damaging, disorienting, and stunning anyone he uses it on.
      • Geokinesis: Conner is able to use his sound waves to trigger earthquakes and tremors.
    • Enhanced Hearing: While training in the forest, Conner was able to hear things which would usually be impossible for the average human hearing through concentration.
      • Clairvoyance: Conner has frequently seen glimpses of events happening in the past, present and future. Although due to his inexperience, he has very little to no control over this ability.
  • Atmokinesis: Conner is able to manipulate the weather to a certain extent and is able to make it rain when he is sad or angry. He seems to be able to manipulate and control wind, rain, lighting and thunder.
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