The Copycat is the newest and, possibly, last super villain in a sub-series for the children's television show Paw Patrol, Mighty Pups Charged Up, previously/also known as Mighty Pups Super Paws.

Origin[edit | edit source]

Originally the pet cat of news reporter Hayley Daily named Mr. Nibbles, he proved to have a mischievous, and possibly malicious, side to him when he snuck into the Mighty Meteor containment area or the Lookout/Mighty Tower and tried to move the meteor in order to get his owner's attention, only to get a piece of it lodged into his teeth, not only giving him a golden tooth but also the ability to speak and the very same powers as the Mighty Pups. Ultimately, he decided to outdo the Paw Patrol by building a tower of his own, one taller than the Lookout/Mighty Tower, and snatch a meteor from an upcoming meteor shower. He even got Mayor Humdinger and The Kitten Catastrophe Crew involved when they spotted him and Mayor Humdinger offered to help, after asking if he could get super powers as well. Ultimately, Mayor Humdinger gave him the name Copycat, due to his tendency to annoyingly copy anything anyone says at him, and giving the evil feline his new name. To that end, Copycat gave Mayor Humdinger the role of sidekick and the name Foggy Boy.

After the tower was completed, Copycat set his sights on capturing a meteor from the meteor shower by use of a giant magnet, and nearly succeeded when he countered all of the Mighty Pups attempts to stop him with the very powers they each have. However, the pups soon discovered they gained extra powers when they put their paws together, a super sonic bark, the ability to jump extremely high, the ability to roll into a ball and bash into things with incredible strength, X-ray vision, the ability to create energy bubbles, and the ability to control the weather itself, respectively. With these new powers, Copycat was foiled, and he ultimately retreated when his tower was about to collapse, retaining his powers and leaving Mayor Humdinger and the cats to fall along with it. After the Mayor and the day were saved by the Mighty Pups, Copycat returned to his owner's truck and pretended that he slept through the whole day, only to give an evil smile, indicating that he'd be back again.

Returns[edit | edit source]

Eventually, Copycat did return when he got inspiration from some domes Mr. Porter put over his pies. His new plan, create an energy dome surrounding a good majority of Adventure Bay, trapping Hayley and some citizens inside it and allowing him to snag as much of Mr. Porter's pie as he wanted. He had his sidekick, Foggy Boy (aka Mayor Humdinger), guard the only way in and out of the dome, which was on the top. However, Zuma found another way in, under it, by going under the docks, and began chasing down Copycat. When Copycat revealed the main entrance of the dome, the Mighty Pups used their charged up powers to demolish the dome and free everyone trapped inside. Ultimately, Copycat managed to escape, and his identity still remained a secret, though it was almost revealed when Hayley noticed Mr. Nibbles was missing, only for him to show up the next moment.

His ultimate plan came around when he teamed up with Ladybird and Harold Humdinger in order to steal the Mighty Meteor and both render the pups powerless and allow him and his fellow villains gain more power. By using special energy badges created by Harold, the three villains were able to regain their powers and keep them, without having to worry about losing a fragment of the Mighty Meteor. However, due to the greed and visions of power of all three of the villains, the Mighty Pups managed to regain their powers, stop the villains, and both Harold and Ladybird lost their power badges while Copycat made his escape.

Soon after, he tried to frame Marshall for multiple problems around Adventure Bay by pretending to be him (which included stealing his hover car and making a copy of his costume), however, the real Marshall, along with Rubble and Skye, stopped him, only for Copycat to escape once more. His next plan began when he used his own powers to return Harold's powers to him so that he could create something for a contest that involves using recycled parts, and what Harold created was an entire army of miniature robots, which went on a rampage all over both the contest and Adventure Bay. But once more, Harold and Copycat, who were working together when Copycat returned Harold's powers, were stopped by Rubble and Marshall of the Mighty Pups. Copycat then showed his treacherous side when he stole Harold's robot's teleportation ray's powers in order to get rid of the Mighty Pups himself. However, he was once again beaten by the heroic pups.

Powers[edit | edit source]

Copycat with his owner, Hayley Daily.

After getting a piece of the meteor lodged into his teeth, not only did Copycat gain the ability to speak, but he also gained all the powers of the main members Mighty Pups. Meaning he has super speed like Chase, super strength like Rubble, the ability to create tool constructs from green energy like Rocky, the ability to fly on a tornado like Skye, the ability to melt things with his paws like Marshall, and the ability to shoot water from his paws like Zuma. He also has the ability to copy the powers of other super powered individuals. This makes him something like Calvin Rankin, aka Mimic, The Super Adaptoid (both the original and Norman Osborn when he was given the powers of Super Adaptoid), Rogue, and Hope Summers. He has also been shown, in a Mighty Pups short film called Pups vs The Teenybots, to grant powers to any individual that was previously exposed to the Might Meteor's energy. And as shown in Pups vs The Dome, when he powers up or down, his costume appears and disappears respectfully. And he can also combine two to three different powers at once.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Copycat's plan to trap most of Adventure Bay in an energy dome is sort of reminiscent of Brainiac's overall plot in the video game, DC Universe Online, as Brainiac trapped several buildings in both Gotham and Metropolis in domes, or bottles as called by Oracle, in order to digitize Earth's vast nexus of knowledge and unlock the door to the multiverse.
  • Copycat's owner, Haley Daily, is in the same profession as Lois Lane, Vikki Vale, and April O'Neil in the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series, a television reporter.
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