The Cosmic Cube

Cosmic Cube

The Red Skull (Previously), Thanos (Previously)
First Appearance
Tales of Suspense #79 (July, 1966)
Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Allows user to shape reality with thought.
Cosmic Energy
Full Name
Cosmic Cube (sometimes Cosmic Containment Units)
Various. On Earth, A.I.M. scientists.

The Cosmic Cube is a powerful artifact in the Marvel Universe capable of altering and molding reality.


There have been many Cosmic Cubes created across the universe, and in that respect, the history of most of those cubes are hard to record.  What is known is that many races were able to create their own Cosmic Cubes, including the race known as Skrulls.  In order to create a Cosmic Cube, or similar object, one must open a rift into another dimension that is the home to the powerful beings known as Beyonders and extract extra dimensional energies from that world and hold it in some form of matrix.

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