The Crimson Fox is a super-hero in the DC universe, with two sisters (Vivian and Constance D'Aramis) sharing the same identity. The sisters ran Revson, a major Parisian perfume company (which may perhaps explain the origin of their pheromone powers). In order to make their heroic actions easier, they faked Constance's death, so that one of them could operate as Crimson Fox while the other attended business functions. Readers of her/their comic book appearances could easily tell the difference between the two due to Vivian's more pronounced French accent. She was also always portrayed as a more carefree and outgoing woman than her sister. Both sisters (first Vivian, and later Constance) fell in love with fellow hero Metamorpho.

The first two Crimson Foxes are deceased. Vivian D'Aramis met her fate at the hands of French supervillain Puanteur in Justice League International (#104, October 1995). Puanteur died in the same issue. When the Justice League Europe team was reformed as La Fraternité de Justice et Liberté, the team did not know that member Icemaiden had been surreptitiously replaced by the daughter of supervillain The Mist. This new Mist killed three members of the team, including slitting Constance D'Aramis' throat, in Starman (vol. 2, #38, January 1998).

Media[edit | edit source]

A Crimson Fox has made multiple background appearances in Justice League Unlimited. The TV series never specified which Crimson Fox it was. She is usually seen walking with another League member and talking to them, though her voice is never heard, although she also appeared fighting alongside other members of the Justice League, as in the episode "Dark Heart". On the six-pack toy release, it is stated that she is Vivian.

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