The Crisis


First Appearance
Crisis on Infinite Earths #1 (April, 1985)
Marv Wolfman, George Pérez
Notable Figures
The Anti-Monitor, The Flash, Superman, Supergirl, The Monitor, Pariah, The Harbinger, Psycho Pirate
The DC Multiverse
The Crisis, Crisis of the Multiverse, Crisis of the Universe, First Crisis

The Crisis in an event in the DC Universe and Multiverse and occurred in the comic book crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths.

History[edit | edit source]

In the Multiverse, there were many alternate dimensions and realities, including an anti-matter universe. The plot ended with only a universe that is the Justice League with some characters from the alternative plots appearing in this plot and some changes being made that helped to keep some plots modern and current.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

A special on the "CW" channel made its version of the "Crisis" storyline: everything involved the current DC series and the ones that have already ended, Birds of Prey, Smallville, Lois & Clark the old Flash series, the old series from Batman. And also plots invented by the plot superman Kingdom Come, his own version of the plot "The Death of Superman" and an allusion to the plot of Batman Beyond, an old and retired Bruce Wayne who claims to have retired, because after defeating and killing the superman in a fight ended with several physical problems caused by the beating he took in the fight. Just like the comic book crisis, this was to "clean up" the complicated and separate plot: the series Arrow & The Flash, Supergirl, Batwoman and Black Lighting that were once considered "separate universes" are now considered the same "universe". The other plots (Kingdom Come, Doom Patrol and Swap Thing) are still considered to be "separate universes", the special was used to promote the new series (also "separate") Stargirl and the green lantern series that will not even be on this channel, but on the HBO Max channel.

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