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The Crystal Gems are a superhero team from the TV series Steven Universe. They are a group of Gems (species) that protect humanity from monsters, magical items, and other magical threats. All of The Crystal Gems have the ability to fuse, and to pull out their magical weapons that come out of their gems, respectively.

  • Garnet has gauntlets
  • Amethyst has a whip
  • Pearl has a spear
  • Steven has a shield


  • Garnet (A fusion of Ruby and Sapphire)
  • Amethyst
  • Pearl
  • Steven Quartz Universe
  • Peridot (Former Enemy)
  • Rose Quartz (Formerly)
  • Members of The Cluster (Formerly)


  • Lapis Lazuli (Independent)
  • Lion (Allied with Steven)
  • Greg Universe (Father of Steven Universe)
  • Connie (Has expressed interest in fighting for Earth, has exceptional sword-fighting abilities)


  • Garnet (Ruby + Sapphire)
  • Stevonnie (Steven + Connie)
  • Opal (Amethyst + Pearl)
  • Sugilite (Amethyst + Garnet)
  • Sardonyx (Garnet + Pearl)
  • Rainbow Quartz (Pearl + Rose Quartz)
  • Malachite (villain) (Lapis Lazuli + Jasper)
  • Alexandrite (Garnet + Pearl + Amethyst)
  • Smoky Quartz (Amethyst + Steven)


  • Malachite
  • Yellow Diamond
  • Frybo
  • The Cluster
  • Peridot
  • Jasper
  • The Centipeetle Mother
  • Tardigrade Gem Monster
  • Invisible Gem monster
  • Ice Monster
  • Pufferfish Monster
  • Gem Shrimp
  • Cave Monster
  • The Big Bird
  • The Red Eye
  • Evil Spirit

Abilities of Members[]


  • Future Vision: Garnet can see multiple future outcomes and probabilities with her third eye, as revealed in "Future Vision." This includes extremely unlikely and ridiculous outcomes, as a considerable amount of her available visions depict Steven's (and possibly other individuals') demise at the hands of mundane tasks or objects on a regular basis. The ability does take some time to use as she has been shown in a thinking position when activating it. During that time someone can alter the future as seen in "Marble Madness" when Steven ruined the plan to learn about Peridot by going up to her while Garnet was still using Future Vision. This power comes from Sapphire, as confirmed in "Keystone Motel". Her future vision seems to operate at will and with only specific details that she is looking for, as in "Cry for Help" when her future vision did not show her Pearl's actions or the consequences of her actions, instead only noticing that Peridot was in none of the potential futures.
    • Temporary Power Transfer: In "Winter Forecast" and "Jail Break," it is shown that she can temporarily pass on her future vision ability to others through lip contact.
      • While Garnet has only been seen using lip-to-forehead contact to transfer her power, it is unknown if this is the only method. As she has only been seen sharing her power with Steven, her affection could bias how she chooses to transfer the power.
  • Invulnerability: While not outright invincible, it is shown that Garnet is the most physically durable of the Gems. She endures all sorts of different levels of damage from falling cars to fighting Jasper and various other forms of physical force.
  • Heat Resistance: Her invulnerability is most commonly displayed in her extreme resistance to heat, from when she had scalding-hot coffee splash onto her without flinching in "Future Vision" to when she left to retrieve the Earth Beetle (which required her to swim in active lava) In "Giant Woman." She gets this power from Ruby's thermo-regulation.
  • Electrokinesis: Garnet can manipulate and generate electricity, as shown in "Arcade Mania" when she produced electricity in order to power up the Meat Beat Mania game and again in "The Message" when she jump starts Greg's van. She was even able to deflect a bolt of lightning with her bare hand in "Future Vision." She has been shown to use this ability to release an electromagnetic repulsion to dry herself off, as seen with coffee in "Future Vision" and water in "Love Letters."
  • Structural Sensation: In "Cheeseburger Backpack," it is stated that she is able to sense structural integrity.
    • It is currently unknown whether this is a unique power, a separate portion of her heightened senses like her future vision, or just a simple observation.
    • Garnet's Structural Sensation may have been referenced when she observed that Lapis Lazuli's tower was coming down, though it may have been a simple observation.


  • Whip Proficiency: Amethyst is very skilled with her whip, and mixes very well with her immense strength. She uses her whip to lash at opponents and cause damage that is strong enough to easily split a dumpster in half. Her lashes are sometimes so precise that it cuts through objects cleanly in a straight line. Occasionally, she uses her whip to grab onto objects, or lift the object, such as boulders, and throw them at the enemy. Her fighting-style can sometimes be considered reckless and foolhardy; in "Monster Buddies", she used her whip to pull the Centipeetle Mother towards her, knocking her and the other Crystal Gems down. Amethyst can throw her whip to entangle or bind her target from afar.
    • Whiplash: Amethyst can send waves of energy along her whip(s) in order to create an immense explosion.
  • Enhanced Digestion: Amethyst has the ability to eat glass, plastic, paper ect. and is able to digest it without getting sick or have a problem with it.
  • Shapeshifting: While all Gems are capable of shapeshifting, Amethyst is particularly skilled at it, specializing in transformations.

Unarmed Combat

  • Wrestling: Amethyst is a skilled wrestler, easily defeating all her human challengers in the Beach City Underground Wrestling league.
  • Spin Dash: Amethyst can rapidly roll in a ball-like shape to attack enemies, an ability she shares with Jasper.
  • Hair-Blade: Amethyst is able to use her hair to slash at an enemy with such potency it severs the claw of a Gem Monster. She also uses this ability when spin-balling.


  • Holographic Projection: Pearl can project holographic images from her gemstone, which she uses mainly as a visual aid when lecturing Steven. While most of the holograms seem to be intangible, some, like Holo-Pearl, are able to interact with solid matter. Furthermore, the holograms can function without Pearl's presence up to two weeks, implying that her holograms can live independently. In "Chille Tid" it is shown Pearl's dreams are projected as holograms as she sleeps.
  • Self-Duplication: Aside from Holo-Pearls, which are projected through her gem, Pearl can also replicate herself several times into hologram-like clones of herself, as seen in "Beach Party".
  • Psammokinesis: Pearl is shown manipulating a small amount of sand to create figurines in "Giant Woman". It is currently unknown how much sand she can control at one time. This ability has only been shown once so far.
  • "Levitation': Pearl temporarily levitates to battle Sugilite in "Coach Steven".
  • Nephelokinesis: In "Sworn to the Sword", Pearl is able to channel clouds in the direction of her choice, able to gather clouds surrounding the arena around her to create a fine mist, reducing visibility and able to quickly dissipate it.
  • Photokinesis: In "Keeping it Together" Pearl can be seen using her gem like a flashlight. In "Chille Tid", she shows that she can project her dreams through this ability.
  • Gemtech interfacing: While not to the extent of Peridot, she was first shown in "Jailbreak" and later shown in "Friend Ship", able to interface and control Gem technology such as the Gem Warship and to a greater extent Peridot's escape pod.

Steven Universe[]

  • Shield Proficiency: Due to possessing his mother's gemstone, Steven can summon Rose's shield. Because Steven's powers are maternal in nature, he is required to feel a strong need to protect and help others in order to call his shield out. Early on, he had little to no control over how to summon it, only calling it forth by chance or when in mortal danger. As of "Sworn to the Sword", Steven is now able to not only summon his shield with little effort, but also increase its size at will. He appears to have become quite skilled in wielding it as he was able to use it in conjunction with his protective bubble and defend against Pearl's strikes. Unlike some other gems, instead of "pulling" his shield out of his gem it appears in his arms similar to Garnet's gauntlets appearing over her hands. As of "Friend Ship", he has become completely capable of summoning his shield at any moment he requires it, even being able to scale his shield large enough to defend the Crystal Gems. It should be noted, however that overuse of his shield exhausts Steven (such as using it three times in one day).
    • Projectile Shield: Steven, when in great excitement, can shoot his shield like a projectile at great speed and power. In "Friend Ship", he weaponizes it as a range attack against Peridot.
  • Fluctuating Age: As revealed in the episode "So Many Birthdays," Steven can manipulate his age through his state of mind and maturity. Steven's biological age depends solely on how old he thinks he is.
  • Healing: (currently inactive) Steven's saliva has the power to heal the injuries of both humans and Gems. Steven's healing capabilities have not yet been seen to the full extent of his power, but he is shown to be capable of healing cracked gemstones as seen when he healed Lapis Lazuli in "Ocean Gem." He can also heal common human injuries and conditions, seen when he healed Connie's eyesight in "An Indirect Kiss" and Greg's broken leg in "House Guest." In "The Test", Pearl remarks to the other Crystal Gems that he has lost his healing ability, and that their test should hopefully increase his confidence and therefore prevent him from losing any other abilities. His loss of healing abilities could be purely psychosomatic, as it is unknown if he has attempted to use his healing abilities after the event's of House Guest.
  • Phytokinesis: In "Watermelon Steven," Steven discovers he has the ability to grow sentient flora in the form of watermelons shaped like himself. They acted as his bodyguards, but they weren't directly under his control and the Watermelon Stevens would ignore his orders and attacked whoever they thought was threatening him, suggesting that he doesn't have full mastery over this ability thus far.
  • Enhanced Strength: Steven occasionally performs feats of strength that would be impossible for a human boy his age - or even a grown man. In "Together Breakfast," Steven is able to lift and force the Together Breakfast in its mutated state into the lava pool without the other Crystal Gem's assistance. He also displays a large amount of strength in "Arcade Mania" when he rips off the top of the Meat Beat Mania arcade game to break Garnet from her trance. He displays an even further amount of strength in "The Return" when he smashes Greg's van's dashboard with a single punch, apparently hard enough to both shatter it and activate the airbags. In "Joy Ride" he's able to move Jenny away from the Escape Pod with little effort. Later on in Friend Ship, he is shown to be strong enough to throw his shield hard enough to stun Peridot. As Gems are much stronger and durable than their appearance would indicate, Steven's superhuman strength was most likely passed down to him from his mother.
  • Resistance to Anti-Gem Weaponry: Because Steven is half-human, he is resistant to anti-gem weaponry. He can pass through the yellow destabilization fields used in the Gem Warship and can grab the live end of Gem Destabilizers with only mild discomfort.
  • Bubble Shield: Steven can summon an incredibly durable bubble which encases him and others that he's protecting. In "Sworn to the Sword", it is shown that Steven is capable of summoning it reflexively, as he instinctively summons his bubble to protect himself and Connie due to his wariness of Holo-Pearl as a result of the events of "Steven the Sword Fighter".
  • Dream Communication: In the episode "Chille Tid", it is shown that Steven can talk to gems through dreams. Steven talked to Lapis mentally as he was dreaming. He also saw Jasper and Malachite in the same dream at Malachite's Realm and they noticed him as well. Although, it is unknown whether this is a ability of Steven himself or due to some other outside force.
  • Emotion Sensing: In "Horror Club", Steven was able to sense the Lighthouse Gem Monster's presence as well as its emotional state.
  • Electric Interference: Upon seeing Amethyst shape-shift into Rose Quartz in "Maximum Capacity", Steven was able to turn off the VHS tape on the TV in Greg's storage unit. This could be an ability passed on to him from Rose, as she was able to stop the record player when she became upset in "We Need to Talk". This ability can only be assumed, as it may just be for dramatic effect.