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The Multiversity, The Monitor
First Appearance
The Flash (Vol. 1) #123 (September, 1961)

The DC Multiverse are a collection of realities that appear in DC Comics, with the DC Universe (sometimes referred to as New Earth or Prime Earth) as the core reality (and the one the majority of DC Comics series are set in).


It is believed that the multiverse was created when the alien scientist Krona saw what no man was meant to see: the creation of the universe. It is believed this action of meddling in time created an infinite number of alternate realities that live side by side each other.  However, it was later revealed that the mutliverse was in fact created by the entity known as Perpertua.  Perpetua was a race of super celestial entities who existed to create multiversal systems within omniverse as chosen by entities known as the Judges of the Source.






List of 52 Universes

The following is a list of the other Earths thus created, as seen for the first time. "DiDio explained that there are 52 earths, and then alternate dimensions within each universe, as well as alternate timelines and microverses within each." -  In the aftermath of Flashpoint some of these Earths would be changed drastically while others would exist virtually unchanged.

Earths of unknown designation known to have existed in this Multiverse include an Earth similar to that of Justice League: The Nail, a dimension home to a black President Superman that would be continued after Flashpoint in the form of Earth 23, a recreated Earth-Prime, and the home universe of Hot Pursuit, as well as possibly the world of All-Star Superman. The Antimatter Universe is also present, with its incarnation of Ultraman appearing in Final Crisis.

Following the company-wide reboot in 2011 (see below), this multiverse was restructured with some worlds existing as before (such as Earth-1) with others changed drastically. However, DC still published stories set on Earth-16 and Earth-40 after the reboot, and the events of Convergence fully restored these worlds.

New 52 and Rebirth[]

Main article: New 52

At the vulnerable moment of a reality-altering Flashpoint caused by The FlashPandora and Dr. Manhattan altered the timeline and the universe, such that the state of the multiverse was changed significantly - for the greater good according to Pandora, though Wally West believes it may in fact have been to weaken it for an upcoming attack. The result was 10 years being taken from the main timeline, as well as a merger of three disparate universes; the DC Universe, the Wildstorm Universe, and the Vertigo Universe, the latter of which was comprised of those characters who began their existence within the mainstream DCU, but continued on under the Vertigo imprint beginning in April 1993. Other Vertigo properties remain disconnected from this multiverse. There are 52 Earths in the local Multiverse home to the DCU Prime Earth, though due to the time-traveling interventions of Brainiac, the Hal Jordan of the pre-Zero Hour New Earth DCU, and Superman of the pre-Flashpoint New Earth altering the course of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, an infinite number of universes from previous incarnations of the Multiverse exist beyond these 52.

This new model of creation involves multiple incarnations of the Multiverse suspended within a "Multi-Multiverse", with individual Multiverses existing as 'bubble' sets of grouped universes such as the local 52, with mention of a destroyed "Multiverse-2" by the Empty Hand. The 'local' Multiverse is constructed on a central axis of the House of Heroes, former headquarters of the Monitors rotating through the Fifth Dimension, now headquarters of the team Justice Incarnate, and the Rock of Eternity, connected to the cornerstone Earths 0 and 33, aka Prime Earth and Earth Prime. The Orrery is structured that the position of universes within it relative to certain realms in the Sphere of the Gods denotes aspects of their nature: those closer to New Genesis are often kinder and nobler, those close to Apokolips often far darker, while the proximity to the realms of Dream or Nightmare denote Order and Chaos, respectively. Additionally, each Earth is parallel another Earth; in at least once instance with Earths 20 and 40, these parallel Earths have been seen to phase into a state of being capable of interaction.

The universes are capable of communicating with each other through comic books, chronicles of the adventures of the heroes of the universes being published on various different worlds, similarly to the relationship displayed between the pre-Crisis Earth-Two and Earth-One, and Earth-One with Earth-Prime. These publications include DC Comics (representing multiple Earths), Quantum Comics (Earth 4), Keystone Comics (Earth 5), Essential Major Comics (Earth 7), Major Comics (Earth 8), Spire Comics (Earth 34), Blue Stamp, and Victory Comics. Earths 14, 24, 25, 27, 28, 46 and 49 are Unknown Worlds, created by an Inner Chamber of 7 Monitor Magi for an as yet unknown purpose. Earth 14 was later revealed as the home of The Justice Assassins..

Orrery of Worlds

The current Multiverse is home to an infinite number of universes, including those of previous incarnations of the Multiverse, with the core 52 worlds of the "local Multiverse" being:

  • Prime Earth aka Earth 0, New Earth and the DC New Universe: Home of the main DC Universe. It is parallel to Earth 33.
  • Earth 1: Essentially the same as Earth-1 of the 52 Multiverse, home to fledgling versions of SupermanBatmanWonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and the Teen Titans, in a world unprepared for their arrival. A newly formed Earth, it is still 'cooling', and time and space are in flux here, all things being possible. It is parallel to Earth 13.
  • Earth 2: Formerly home to the Wonders of the World, including SupermanBatman and Wonder Woman, who fell in battle saving their world from the forces of Apokolips. Now defended by the likes of Doctor Fatethe Flash and Green Lantern, as well as a new Batman, the daughter of the original and CatwomanPower Girl, the cousin and adopted daughter of Superman, and Val-Zod, successor to Superman, among others. It has endured numerous calamities, including its destruction and replacement with the Blood Moon by Telos in the wake of Convergence, until its ultimate recreation in an idealized form. It is parallel to Earth 3.
  • Earth 3: A relentlessly malevolent world of villains mirroring the heroes of Earth 0 ruled by the Crime Syndicate until its devastation at the hands of the Anti-Monitor. It is parallel to Earth 2.
  • Earth 4: Largely the same as Earth-4 of the 52 Multiverse and thematically inspired by Watchmen, this world is home to the Charlton characters such as Captain Atomthe QuestionBlue BeetleNightshade and Peacemaker, with America having gone horribly wrong as a result of superheroes' use as living weapons of the government. It is parallel to Earth 42.
  • Earth 5 aka Thunderworld: Largely the same as Earth-5 and Earth-S, and the home of the magical Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. It is parallel to Earth 10.
  • Earth 6: Home to the Just Imagine Stan Lee Created the DC Universe characters. It is parallel to Earth 51.
  • Earth 7: Former home to a host of superheroes similar to those of Earth 8, as well as analogues such as Devilfist (Hellboy). It was annihilated by the Gentry, its sole survivor being the weather deity Thunderer. It is parallel to Earth 22.
  • Earth 8 aka Angor: Home to numerous heroes and groups acting as pastiches of Marvel Comics characters, including the mighty Retaliators (the Avengers), the incredible Future Family (Fantastic Four), the “neo-human” G-Men (X-Men), and the Battlin' Bug (Spider-Man), as well as the megalomaniac villain Lord Havok (Doctor Doom) and his Extremists. Havok ultimately destroyed it in an attempt at bringing it under his control, but it was later restored through his sacrifice with the aid of the cosmic Adjudicator. It is parallel to Earth 44.
  • Earth 9: Essentially the same as Earth-9 of the 52 Multiverse, home of bizarre superhumans carrying the names of the heroes of other Earths. It is parallel to Earth 18.
  • Earth 10 aka Earth X: Largely the same as Earth-10 of the 52 Multiverse, this world is home to Overman, a version of Superman who landed in Czechoslovakia in 1938, where Nazi scientists reverse-engineered the technology of his rocket to win World War II; a guilt-ridden Overman leads his world's New Reichsmen, a Nazi version of the Justice League against Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters. It is parallel to Earth 5.
  • Earth 11: Similar to Earth-11 of the 52 Multiverse, home to the same heroes and villains as Prime Earth but reversed in gender, with Amazon philosophies dominating the world; it is protected by the heroes of the Justice Guild, such as Superwoman and Aquawoman, as well as Wonderous Man, champion of the men of Elysium Island. It is parallel to Earth 46.
  • Earth 12: Essentially the same as the DCAU, home of a future defended by Bruce Wayne's successor Terry McGinnis as the Batman, alongside an aged Superman and the rest of the Justice League Beyond. It is parallel to Earth 50.
  • Earth 13 (Arcane): A mystical twilight world guarded by the terrifying League of Shadows, led by Etrigan, aka Superdemon. It is parallel to Earth 1.
  • Earth 14: The dark home to the now largely-slaughtered Justice League of Assassins; this world may be capable of breeding new universes. It is parallel to Earth 29.
  • Earth 15: The hole in space left by the destruction of the former Earth-15 by Superboy Prime, and a graveyard universe; the sole surviving artifact lost somewhere in the Multiverse is the mysterious Cosmic Grail. It is parallel to Earth 17.
  • Earth 16 aka Earth Me: Home of the children and successors of the original Justice League, who live a pampered, celebrity culture-driven lifestyle after their predecessors secured a permanent peace. It is parallel to Earth 45.
  • Earth 17 (Atomic): Similar to Earth-17 of the 52 Multiverse, home to the Atomic Knights of Justice led by Captain Adam Strange on a post-apocalyptic Earth wrecked by nuclear war in 1963, including versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, Green Arrow and the Challengers of the Unknown. It is parallel to Earth 15.
  • Earth 18: Somewhat resembling the 52 Multiverse Earth-18, a frontier world trapped technologically in the 19th century by the intervention of the Time-Trapper, defended by Superchief and his Justice Riders. It is parallel to Earth 9.
  • Earth 19 (Gaslight): Somewhat resembling Earth-19 and Earth-34 of the 52 Multiverse, home of Bat Man, the Wonder Woman, the Accelerated Man and the Shrinking Man in a 21st century where King Edward rules in the wake of Queen Victoria's death, and "electric technology" has begun to emerge. It is parallel to Earth 34.
  • Earth 20: Essentially the same as Earth-20 of the 52 Multiverse (to the point where inhabitants remember pre-New 52 events), home to the rollicking pulp adventurers of the Society of Super-Heroes, led by 'Doc' Fate, and including Lady Blackhawk, the Immortal ManGreen Lantern Abin Sur and the Mighty Atom. It is parallel to Earth 40.
  • Earth 21: Essentially the same as Earth-21 of the 52 Multiverse, home to a new generation of heroes appearing in the 50s and 60s after the retirement of most of the Justice Society of America, including Green LanternFlashthe Martian Manhunter and Aquaman. Along with Wonder Woman, these five heroes are the Justice League of America, working alongside the likes of Superman and Batman to defend a spacefaring America where Kennedy was never assassinated. It is parallel to Earth 48.
  • Earth 22: Essentially the same as Earth-22 of the 52 Multiverse, home to a violent new generation that force Superman and his allies to come out of retirement to attempt to reign them in, an event potentially heralding the apocalypse until the superheroes lay down their uniforms and agree to work alongside humanity to solve the problem. It is parallel to Earth 7.
  • Earth 23:Essentially the same as Earth-23 (although it is unclear if its old designation was Earth-23). Home to a primarily black superhuman community, led by a Superman who additionally leads the Multiversal team Justice Incarnate, and in his secret identity as Calvin Ellis serves as President of the United States. It had a mirror Earth in the 52 Multiverse of unknown designation, but unlike some worlds such as Earths 20 and 26, the inhabitants of this Earth explicitly have no recollection of events prior to the formation New 52 Multiverse. It is parallel to Earth 41.
  • Earth 24: Unknown Universe. It is parallel to Earth 30.
  • Earth 25: The ABC Universe. It is parallel to Earth 31.
  • Earth 26: Essentially the same as Earth-26 of the 52 Multiverse (to the point where inhabitants remember pre-New 52 events; it has even been speculated that these and Earth-C are in fact a singular Earth, its "cartoon physics" allowing it to survive Multiversal upheavals ultimately unscathed), home to anthropomorphic animals defended by Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew. It is parallel to Earth 39.
  • Earth 27: Unknown Universe. It is parallel to Earth 32.
  • Earth 28: Unknown Universe. It is parallel to Earth 37.
  • Earth 29 aka Htrae aka Bizarroverse: A universe of Bizarro counterparts of the heroes of Prime Earth, embarking on pointless non-adventures as the Unjustice League of Unamerica. It is parallel to Earth 14.
  • Earth 30: Essentially the same as Earth-30 of the 52 Multiverse, home to a Superman who landed in the Ukraine in 1938, and ultimately became President of a worldwide Soviet Union before seemingly perishing and leaving the world in the hands of the Luthor dynasty. It is parallel to Earth 24. Don’t forget about the animated movie, Superman: Red Son.
  • Earth 31: Somewhat resembling the pre-Crisis Earth-494, a post-apocalyptic waterworld ravaged by environmental catastrophe, defended by seafaring heroes like Captain Leatherwing and the crew of the Flying Fox.
  • Earth 32: Somewhat resembling Earth-32 of the 52 Multiverse, home to a number of 'merged' heroes, including Bat-Lantern, Super-Martian, Wonderhawk, Aquaflash and Black Arrow of the Justice Titans. It is parallel to Earth 27.
  • Earth 33 aka Earth Prime: Based on Our Earth, similar to the original intent of the pre-Crisis Earth-Prime, and origin point to the Multiversal haunted comic book Ultra Comics. It is parallel to Prime Earth.
  • Earth 34: An Earth home to pastiches of Astro City characters banded together as the Light Brigade, including Savior (Samaritan), Goodfellow (Gentleman), Herculina (Winged Victory) and Cutie (Beautie). It is parallel to Earth 19.
  • Earth 35 aka Pseudoverse: Home to pastiches of Awesome Comics characters banded together as the Super-Americans, including Supremo (Supreme), the Owl (Professor Night) and Majesty (Glory), intentionally constructed in "ideaspace" by the Monitors using concepts drawn from other universes for an unknown purpose. It is parallel to Earth 47.
  • Earth 36: Home to pastiches of Big Bang Comics characters acting as Justice League analogues joined together as the superteam Justice 9, including Optiman (a parallel version of Superman who was slaughtered and devoured by Superdoom, a pastiche of Ultiman), Iron Knight (a parallel Batman and pastiche of Knight Watchman), the wielder of the "power torch" Flashlight (Green Lantern and The Beacon) Red Racer (the Flash and The Blitz) and War-Woman (Wonder Woman and Venus). It is parallel to Earth 38.
  • Earth 37: Based on the works of Howard Chaykin, home to the characters of Thrillkiller in the 1950s seen on the previous Earth-37, including Batgirl and Robin, with technology evolving at such a rapid pace that 2015 is home to the Tommy Tomorrow of Twilight and Ironwolf. It is parallel to Earth 28.
  • Earth 38: Essentially the same as the pre-Crisis Earth-3839, home to a Superman that debuted in 1938, a Batman in 1939, and their descendants throughout the generations, including the scion of both dynasties Knight-Wing. It is parallel to Earth 36.
  • Earth 39: Home of the United Nations superspies the Agents of W.O.N.D.E.R., utilizing the revolutionary but dangerous super-technology of boy genius Happy DaVinci. It is parallel to Earth 26.
  • Earth 40: Home to the monstrous Society of Super-Villains, counterparts to the science-champions of Earth 20 which it parallels, including Vandal SavageDoctor FaustBlockbusterCount Sinestro and Lady Shiva, rulers of their Earth.
  • Earth 41: Home to heroes acting as pastiches of Image Comics characters, including Dino-Cop (Savage Dragon), Spore (Spawn) and The Nimrod Squad (Youngblood). It is parallel to Earth 23.
  • Earth 42: A universe of 'Chibi' versions of the heroes of Prime Earth, similar to the "L'il Leaguers" in the Superman/Batman arc of the same name. Its Superman and Batman were butchered by Superdoom, though Batman would be seen again, learning the terrible secret this world hides. It is parallel to Earth 4.
  • Earth 43 (Nightmare): Similar to Earth-43 of the 52 Multiverse, home to a group of heroes corrupted into vampires known as the Blood League, including BatmanRobinUltramanWonder WomanGreen LanternFlash and Cyborg. It is parallel to Earth 49.
  • Earth 44 (Mecha): Similar to Earth-44 of the 52 Multiverse, home to robotic versions of the heroes of Prime Earth created by 'Doc' Tornado. It is parallel to Earth 8.
  • Earth 45 aka Earth 45™: A world dominated by the tyrannical mega-company Overcorp, creators of a thought-powered demonic Superman known to the Multiverse as Superdoomsday. It is parallel to Earth 16.
  • Earth 46: Unknown Universe. It is parallel to Earth 11.
  • Earth 47 aka Dreamworld: Home to Sunshine Superman, Magic Lantern, Speed Freak, Shooting Star and Brother Power the Geek, banded together by the eternally youthful Prez Rickard as the Love Syndicate of Dreamworld; all is groovy. It is parallel to Earth 35.
  • Earth 48 aka Warworld: Somewhat resembling Earth-48 of the 52 Multiverse and Earth-Six of the original Multiverse, it is the home of the Forerunners, bred to be used as protectors of the Multiverse, resulting in a world where everyone and everything is a superbeing, including animals and bacteria. The royal family includes Lady Quark and Lord Volt. It is parallel to Earth 21.
  • Earth 49: Unknown Universe. It is parallel to Earth 43.
  • Earth 50: Home of the despotic Justice Lords led by Lord Superman after having murdered President Lex Luthor, corrupted versions of the heroes of Earth 12 that they are parallel to.
  • Earth 51: Essentially the same as Earth-51 of the 52 Multiverse, home to the creations of Jack Kirby, including KamandiTuftan of the Tiger Clan, and Ben Boxer, aka BiOMAC. It is parallel to Earth 6.

On the border of the Orrery of Worlds containing the universes (the border itself composed of the Speed Force Wall) are several other realms, at least half of which are currently unknown. Those known include:

  • Wonderworld: Former home to a host of godlike superheroes, such as Adam One, Nightmare, the Glimmer and the Mote, banded together as the Theocracy to defend reality. Now an abandoned cosmic graveyard in the wake of the attack of the Old God war machine Mageddon.
    • Residents
      • Adam One - the original hero of Mammord, charged with taming the planet. Considered a true hero. His skin appears to be made out of patches of rusty iron.
      • Nightmare - a being who bears the visage of a horse's skull. His method is to fight evil directly, in the subconscious minds of criminals, usually in his Nightmare Craft. He is accompanied by a younger sidekick named Nemo.
      • The Glimmer - a giant blue speedster, he has the power to summon "lightning and chemicals" and run across time itself. He went missing some time before the "Rock Of Ages" storyline. He used a Hyperwheel built by the Blacksmiths of Mammord to augment his powers.
      • The Mote - the caretaker of the Museum District, he has the power to make himself smaller. He is the second-last survivor of Wonderworld.
      • "The Blacksmith" - the last of the Blacksmiths of Mammord, he operated the Hyperwheel in the absense of the Glimmer. His skin is as black as coal and his hair is a mass of fire. He died when the Mageddon Effect caused him to fight Adam One.
      • "The Goddess" - the only noticeably female member of Wonderworld's High Council, she has four arms. In one hand she carries a suckling babe, and in another she carries a war-spear. She has a brash style of negotiating.
      • "The Robot" - a pale blue being with a deep blue fire about its head. Its mode of speech is somehow technological.
  • Blood Moon: Formed by Brainiac opposite Wonderworld, home to cities from various realities altered or destroyed in the wake of the various Crisis events. Following the events of Convergence, this world was been moved into the universe of Earth 2 by Telos to replace its shattered Earth until Earth 2 was itself recreated, leaving the status of both the world and the source dimension unknown.
  • Kwyzz: Radio universe embedded in the Speed Force Wall formed as one of the Monitor Bleed Siphons punches through Skyland in the Sphere of Gods to enter the Orrery, home of the super-fast champion Krakkl.

Sphere of the Gods[]

Main article: Sphere of the Gods

Also known as the Invisible World or the Great Beyond/World Tree cosmology, it’s the metaphysical reality just outside the physical Orrery of Worlds. Its infinitely unbreakable magic spell prevents all beings/creatures of the omniverse (in physical / psychological / spiritual dimensions & realities) (both mortal & immortal [including deities of all types]) from creating power-nullifying powers / artifacts / weapons (including the Nsar of Nullifier which the power to remove any other power from other artifacts), in order to prevent the powers/capabilities of any immortal artifact/item/weapon of good from being removed. It’s where all Real/True Magic & all kinds of exists. It exists outside of time & the True Earth-Prime Universe (our universe & reality) & its space/time continuum. It divided between 2 dimensions: the God Sphere (Order [The Dream, Mystic Isles, & the Light Dimension], The Pinnacle [Heaven {Capital}, Skyland, New Genesis, & Robot/Transformers Heaven], Good planes [Arborea, Arcadia, Beastlands, Bytopia, Elysium, Mechanus, & Ysgard]‎, & home of the good spiritual beings) & the Dead Zone (Chaos [The Nightmare, Monster Realm, & the Dark Dimension], The Pit [Hell {Capital}, Underworld, Apokolips, & Robot/Transformers Hell], Evil planes‎ / Lower Planes [Abyss, Acheron, Blood Rift, Carceri, Clangor, Deep Caverns, Dragon Eyrie, Gehenna, Hades, Limbo, Oinos, & Pandemonium], & home of the evil spiritual beings). This reality is home to 15 realms--6 of which connect to Earths in the Orrery--that include:

Monitor Sphere[]

Beyond either the Orrery or the Sphere of the Gods. Former home of the Monitors, abandoned in the wake of the Final Crisis. The Source Wall on the border of the Monitor Sphere is the border between the Multiverse and the massive cosmic consciousness known as the Overvoid.


An inconceivably massive cosmic consciousness, the infinite, timeless white void within which the Multiverse floats, also known as the Over-Monitor. Upon discovering the existence of Creation within itself, the Overvoid extended a probe into the Multiverse, which upon reporting back the concept of events, irreparably altered the Overvoid's awareness. The probe (having been split in two) withdrew, and left behind as a result of the contact was a titanic entity in the shape of one of the inhabitants of the Orrery; the Overvoid itself remains implacable, though the presence of the giant would infect its mind with perpetual questions, and thereby the concept of 'story'.

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