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DC Comics
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First Appearance
New Fun Comics #1 (February 1936) [retroactive], All-Star Comics Vol, 1 #3 (December, 1940) [Established]

The DC Universe (or DCU) is a comic book continuity in which the DC comic books take place. The DC Universe is home to some of comics most prominent and famous superheroes.

History[edit | edit source]

Earth-One[edit | edit source]

10 Billion Years Ago[edit | edit source]

The actual creation of the universe is shrouded in mystery, save that it is against an unwritten law of the universe to see its birth due to the dire consequences. In the early days of the universe, a race of powerful entities was born on the planet Maltus, which had formed their own great civilization. One of these people, Krona, built a machine with the intent of seeing the birth of the universe itself.  This cosmic crime is responsible for creation the anti-matter universe of Qward and the continuum of multiple timelines known as the Multiverse.

Publication History[edit | edit source]

Though DC characters had interacted with each other for a while (starting with New Fun Comics #1), the characters were not actually established as being in the same universe All-Star Comics #3 with the appearance of the Justice Society of America. Sometime in the 1950's, new characters were introduced who would also go onto to live in a shared continuity. Later, it would be established that the Golden Age characters existed in a parallel universe called Earth-Two, which means that characters who were established in the 30's and 40's now had pasts that differed from their first appearances.

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