First Appearance
Gen13 #6 (November, 1995)
J. Scott Campbell, Brandon Choi, Warren Ellis, Humberto Ramos
I/O Headquarters
Ivana Baiul (director)

Threshold (field leader) Bliss Frostbite (field leader)

Copycat, Sublime, Evo, Powerhaus, Freestyle
Rallying Cry

DV8 ( sometimes spelt Dv8) is a team of supervillains/antiheroes in the WildStorm Universe and were recurring enemies of Gen13.

Origin[edit | edit source]

The members of DV8 were teens genetically engineered to become soldiers by the organization known as International Operations.

History[edit | edit source]

The members of DV8 were once teenagers genetically engineered to become soldiers by the organization International Operations (also known as I.O.).  Specifically, they were created by Sci-Tech, I.O. scientific research and development department, controlled by the cruel and immoral Ivana Baiul.  On their downtime, the members of DV8 will often use their powers to indulge in their own cruel whims, such as theft and murder, often to forget about the fact that they are themselves controlled and manipulated by Baiul.

Ivana late became head of I.O. and she made the members of DV8 official I.O. agents as well.  Certain members, such as Frostbite, slowly grew a conscience and began to regret some of their actions. Later on, team leader Threshold betrayed the team and Frostbite became team leader for a time.

Following an event that rewrote the timeline, it is unclear how many of the specifics of previous events remained intact.

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