Dan Dunn-Secret Operative 48


Real Name
Dan Dunn
First Appearance
Dan Dunn comic strip
Norman Marsh
Team Affiliations
United States Government
Base of Operations
Skills and Abilities
hand-to-hand, detective, spy skills

Origin Edit

Norman Marsh created the Dan Dunn comic strip in 1932. Intending it to compete with Dick Tracy on the

newsstand, Marsh intentionally created similarities between the characters, including a similar appearance.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Dan Dunn's abilities include investigation, hand-to-hand combat, and use of firearms. His strength, celerity, and other physical traits are that of a man in good shape. He uses a dog named Wolf in some of his investigations, as well as his girlfriend, Ann Vare. He also has a bumbling sidekick, a "pudgy helper named Irwin" who assists him on cases.

Notes Edit

Dan Dunn is sometimes noted as the first serious hero character in a comic book collection of newspaper strips. The comic book was called DETECTIVE DAN. Dan Dunn enjoyed popular success in the newspaper strips, Big Little Books, and a radio show. He also appeared in two pulp magazines dedicated to the character.

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