Dark Claw

Dark Claw

Real name
Logan Wayne
First Appearance
Cameo: Marvel Vs. DC #3 (April 1996), Full First Appearance (April 1996)
Larry Hama, Jim Balent, Ray McCarthy
Team Affiliation
Judgement League of Avengers
Patch Malone
Base of Operations
New Gotham City
Regenerative healing factor

Superhuman senses, strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes Adamantium-laced skeletal structure with retractable claws

Resistance to telepathy
Skills and Abilities
Genius-level intelligence, Master detective, Expert martial arts master, Access to high tech equipment
Tools and Weapons
Countless Tools and Gadgets

The Dark Claw is a superhero created for Amalgam Comics that merges the superheroes Batman and Wolverine. He was created when the Marvel and DC Universes merged into the Amalgam Universe after the war between the two universes provided no clear winner.


Inspired by the murder of his parents, metamutant Logan Wayne joined the military only to become part of a government experiment to turn him into a super soldier.  Eventually he escaped and decided to fight crime as Dark Claw.


When Logan Wayne witnessed the murder of his parents (names unknown) by a robber at the age of 5 years old, he was adopted by his uncle in Alberta, Canada, a Mountie in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Soon after his uncle was murdered by poachers and the RCMP sent him to live with some nuns and when he was old enough he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force. He ended up in the the same outfit as a man named Creed H. Quinn and both were subjected to the Weapon X program, designed to produce a Canadian super-soldier. Wayne's bones had adamantium bonded to them, which is when Wayne discovered that he was a super-powered being or "metamutant" with bone claws that come out of his hands.

As Wayne was being turned into a super-soldier, another soldier, Creed was also put through the same process only to be driven insane. Soon, the super-soldier program was terminated due to the fact that neither Wayne nor Creed would make effective soldiers: Wayne for his morality and conscience and Creed for his uncontrollable, erratic behaviour.