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Dark Horse Universe


Dark Horse Comics
Notable Characters
Barb Wire, X, Ghost, Vortex
First Appearance
Dark Horse Comics #8 (March, 1993)
Comics' Greatest World

The Dark Horse Universe (AKA Comics' Greatest World) was a continuity that existed between 1994 and 1996 in a Dark Horse imprint called Comic's Greatest World and later renamed Dark Horse Heroes. Recently, the continuity was rebooted with new heroes and new incarnations of previous characters.

It should be noted that not all superhero comics published by Dark Horse take place in the same continuity. For example, Hellboy is not part of this Dark Horse universe and, due to the fact that he is creator owned, often appear and other company's comics.


Initial continuity[]

Far, far away in space, an alien race known as the Reaver Swarm roamed the universe, destroying planets and civilizations. The Reaver Swarm was lead by the godlike entity Septenarius, also called the Seven-In-One, and continued the rampage for millions of years.  One of Septenarius' agents decided to rebel and to this end stole an artifact known as the Motor that Septenarius had acquired from an ancient race.