The Darkness


First Appearance
Jackie Estacado
First Appearance
Witchblade (Vol. 1) #10 (November, 1996)
David Wohl, Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis
Team Affiliations
The Mafia
Chaos, Creation, Cursed Soul, Black Captain, Prince of Darkness, Antichrist, Dark Wyrm, Dark One, Dragon of the Desert, Shadow God, El Ocaso, Darkman, Demonic Goblin
Base of Operations
New York City
Access to an otherworldly dimension and telepathic control over the demons who dwell there, Mystical armor that grants superhuman strength, speed, stamina and flight, Accelerated healing factor
Skills and Abilities
Skilled martial artist, Master marksman
The Darkness

The Darkness (Jackie Estacado) is the name of a supervillain/antihero of his own comic, as well as the name of his power.

Origin[edit | edit source]

After turning 21, gangster Jackie Estacado learns that he has inherited a mystical dark power which he uses to take control of the criminal underworld.

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