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Real Name
First Appearance
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November, 1970) [cameo], Forever People #1 (February, 1971) [Full appearance]
Jack Kirby
Team Affliations
Intergang, Secret Society of Super Villains
Boss Dark Side, Lucifer, Hades, Blackheart the Deatheater, God of Evil, Lord of Apokolips
Base of Operations
Superhuman strength, speed, and durability, Flight, Energy and mass manipulation, Telekinesis, Omnipotence, Omnipresence, Invulnerability, Teleportation, Time travel, Immortality, Omega powers, including projection of Omega beams, Avatar creation, Energy absorption
Skills and Abilities
Super Intelligence, Master Strategist, Planetary Leadership

Darkseid is a supervillain appearing in the DC Universe, ruler of the Hell and Demon-like planet of Apokalips and is an enemy to the Justice League Teen Titans All Other Superheroes and the New Gods of New Genesis.


Uxas was a god on Apokalips who was the brother to the man who would be king.  Ambitious in nature, Uxas killed him as his brother was going to enter the Omega Realm to obtain his full godhood.  Uxas took it in his stead and became the god known as Darkseid.


Uxas was born a prince of the planet Apokalips to Heggra and Yuga Khan, the planet's rulers.  Even as a young boy Uxas yearned for the throne, but Drax, Uxas' peaceful brother, was next in line after the King and Queen.  After his father was lost to the mysterious area known as the Source Wall, Uxas began plotting against both his mother and brother.

While on a trip to the planet New Genesis, a peaceful world opposite Apokalips both physically and in most qualities, Uxas met a young, innocent boy.  Uxas tricked the boy into thinking that a cat killed his favourite bird and to take revenge by burying the cat alive.  When the boy realized his bird was still alive, the boy killed the bird in anger and Uxas, seeing the potential in him, took him in, renaming him Desaad.

Eventually, Uxas learned of a source of power called the Omega Realm and while his brother Drax tried to take on the Godlike power of Apokalips' ruler, Uxas interrupted and took the power for himself, seemingly killing Drax.  With his newfound power, Uxas renamed himself Darkseid and was destined to succeed Heggra to the throne of Apokalips.  Heggra was impressed with Darkseid's ruthlessness as she disliked Drax's pacifist tendencies.

Darkseid then convinced his uncle, General Steppenwolf, to hunt the Gods on the planet of New Genesis, where Izaya, the Highfather of New Genesis, lost his wife to Steppenwolf.  Izaya killed Steppenwolf in turn but Darkseid used his powers to ressurect him and a war between New Genesis and Apokalips began.

When it was time to choose a bride, Heggra preferred the warrior woman Tigra but Darkseid instead fell for a pacifist sorceress named Sulli, who believed in altruism and protecting the weak.