Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

Real name
Drake Mallard
First Appearance
Darkwing Duck, "Darkly Dawns the Duck"
Tad Stones
Team Affliation
The Terror that Flaps in the Night
Base of Operations
St. Canard
Skills and Abilities
Martial Arts and Hand to Hand Combat Expertise
Tools and Gadgets
Gas Gun

Darkwing Duck is a Disney superhero and the title character of the animated TV series Darkwing Duck.

Darking Duck is voiced by Jim Cummings.


The exact origin of Darkwing Duck is unclear, though he has always had an interest in crimefighting, and had fought his first villain as a nebbishy teenager before becoming a full-time superhero some time later.


Early YearsEdit

Drake Mallard grew up as a regular duck, though a resourceful one after becoming a Junior Woodchuck (a member of an organization for young boys to learn to become self-reliant outdoorsmen). When he was in high school, as an awkward teenager, he ended up being encouraged to dawn a disguise to fight a classmate who had become a super-villain, unaware that this girl was a time traveller, Gosalyn, who would become his ward in the future. Beyond that, much of his early years as a crime fighter remain a mystery. Eventually (though the details are unclear), he also became an ally of the crime fighting organization S.H.U.S.H., though exactly when he did is also unclear.

Darkwing DuckEdit

Darkwing later gained a minor reputation as a crime fighter in St. Canard, with a secret headquarters in the Audobon Bay Bridge. One night, he ended up battling the criminal Hammerhead Hannigan and his sidekicks Hoof and Mouth, who were pulling a job for the archcriminal Taurus Bulba. During this mission he ends up running into pilot Launchpad McQuack, who is a big fan of Darkwing and insists on being his ally in crime-fighting. However, due to Launchpad's clumsiness, Darkwing loses Bulba's men causing him to angrily refuse Launchpad's help. He also encounters a young orphan, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer, who was being targeted by Bulba due to the fact that she might know the secret of activating a super-weapon. Darkwing vows to protect her and becomes affection towards her, but she is soon kidnapped by Bulba. Darkwing, at his lowest moment, accepts Launchpad's help and gifts him a special vehicle: a jet capable of flying the two to Bulba's floating fortress. Darkwing was able to save Gosalyn and defeat Bulba, who died in the destruction of his fortress. Darkwing, in his civilian identity of Drake Mallard, adopted Gosalyn and let her know his true identity.  In addition, he also allowed Launchpad to become his sidekick and personal mechanic.

Despite his personal failings, Darkwing went on to become St. Canard's defender, meeting and defeating a number of strange supervillains.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Three wishes granted by a genie gave Drake Mallard some cool threads, the ability to make an entrance, and unlimited grape soda.

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