Real Name
Boston Brand
First Appearance
Strange Adventures #205 (October, 1967)
Arnold Drake, Carmine Infantino
Team Affliations
Seven Soldiers of Victory, Sentinels of Magic, Black Lantern Corps, White Lantern Corps, Justice League Dark
Base of Operations
His Circus, for a time
Invisibility, flight and intangibility. He can instantly and completely possess any sentient being. (as a Lantern) Solid Energy Constructs, teleportation, healing, (as Black Lantern) reanimated the dead, (as White Lantern) resurrects the dead
Skills and Abilities
Peak human level, athlete/acrobat expertise, boxing expertise
Tools and Weapons

Deadman (Boston Brand) is a former acrobat and a ghostly superhero in the DC Universe.


Boston Brand was an accomplished acrobat whose life was taken by a sniper's bullet in the middle of a performance. Now a ghost, Boston uses his supernatural abilities to solve the mystery of his death and help the innocent as Deadman.


Not much is known about Boston Brand's early years, though he did grow up with his identical twin brother Cleveland. Boston Brand was once a talented boxer who later became an even more talented world-renown trapeze artist who referred to himself as Deadman, due to his death-defying stunts. He later was put in charge of the circus where he performed, where his bad attitude had often inspired the ire of some of the people who worked for him. One day, during a show, Boston was shot and killed while performing on the trapeze by a mysterious assassin with a hook for a hand.

When he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see people standing over his corpse and came to the realization that he is now a ghost. In this state, he was confronted with the entity Rama Kushna, a Hindu goddess who embued Boston with the power to possess the living so that he may solve his own murder. Boston began by possessing people employed by his circus, and finds himself helping others on his path to finding his own killer.

During one such investigation, Boston was on an adventure involving his brother Cleveland, who he used his supernatural powers to protect. When Cleveland learned of his brother's death (unaware that he was already protected by his ghost), he decided to take over his brother's circus and hunt for his brother's killer.  Boston himself would run into his brother while trying to solve his own murder.  Cleveland eventually tried to smoke out Boston's killer by impersonating his brother, which works but also results in Tiny, a strongman and Boston's former acquaintance in life, being nearly killed.

TV ShowsEdit

He comes out on an episode of: Batman the Brave and the Bold and The Justice League (where he possesses Superman for a little while.


Since ghost can possess people, can fight other ghosts, and can pass through walls.

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