Deathstorm was created by Nekron during the Blackest Night Event, as an evil incarnation of the undead Firestorm.

After Ronnie Raymond was revived and his time as a Black Lantern ended, Deathstorm merged with the Firestorm Matrix itself.

With Ronnie Raymond's life restored, he attempts to go back to living his normal life, but is often plagued with visions and memories of his time as a Black Lantern.

Despite him trying to tell Jason he was not in control of his actions, Jason still blames, and hates Ronnie for the death of his girlfriend.

Ronnie's visions get more intense as an incarnation of Gehenna enters his room and begins to strangle him. As a friend of Ronnie's comes in, she explodes leaving a layer of salt through out his room.

Due to reasons out of their control, Ronnie and Jason must fuse to become Firestorm, but often the two hear a voice, who they think is the other mocking them. Both hearing the voice at the same time, Ronnie and Jason realize they're not alone, there is a third personality in the Firestorm Matrix.

Going to Professor Stein with their concerns, the Professor tells Firestorm of the true nature of their matrix and it's true power. He tells them that their Matrix is essentially a second big bang, and if they were to cause a disturbance in it, the entire universe would be destroyed. Stein tells them if that were to happen all that would be left would be "only the two of you".

With that, the third voice chimes in saying "And me. Righteous!" Black hands begin to emerge from Firestorm's chest, separating Ronnie and Jason, and all that remains is the newly emerged Deathstorm, the first Black Lantern to return. Deathstorm then introduces himself to Professor Stein, who begs Deathstorm not to kill Ronnie and Jason.

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