Detective Chimp

Det chimp small

Real Name
Magnificent Finder of Tasty Grubs (name in chimp language)
First Appearance
Adventures of Rex the Wonder Dog #4 (July–August, 1952)
John Broome, Carmine Infantino
Team Affliations
Bureau of Amplified Animals, Chimpanzee Investigations, Croatoan Society, Shadowpact
Bobo T. Chimpanzee, Detective B.T. Chimp
Base of Operations
unnamed city
Can speak to any animal
Skills and Abilities
Detective Skills, genius level intellect (magically enhanced), strength and agility of chimpanzee
Tools and Weapons
Magnifying Glass

Detective Chimp is a superhero in the DC Universe and a member of Shadowpact.


A normal chimpanzee named Bobo was transformed after being exposed to the fountain of youth, which gave him super-intelligence and the ability to speak, abilities he used as the superhero Detective Chimp.


Helping MascotEdit

Detective Chimp was once a mere chimpanzee, though an unusually intelligent one. He was captured in 1953 in Equatorial Africa by the chimpanzee trainer Fred Thorpe. Fred trained Bobo to become a carnival act called Bobo the Detective Chimp using a series of signals and rewards to answer various detective-related questions to give the illusion that he was a capable detective. Bobo came to view Fred as a close Fred after he gave him a more comfortable life than life in the jungle. When his owner Fred Thorpe was murdered, Bobo helped solve the murder, after which he became the "helping mascot" for the local sheriff whom he helped solve Fred's murder. He would go on to prove he is smart enough to solve several mysteries and was able to understand humans and make himself understood by them.

The Fountain of YouthEdit

Some time later, Bobo encountered another heroic animal, Rex "the Wonder Dog", in Bimini in the Bahamas and the two ended up finding the legendary Fountain of Youth together. After drinking from it, Bobo gained not only eternal youth but also super-intelligence and the ability to speak English. At some point, he had moved to Gorilla City, a city populated by super-intelligent apes, for a time during the event known as the Crisis. Sometime after that, Detective Chimp was seen as a member of the Bureau of Amplified Animals, a team of animals with superpowers, where he demonstrated that he had become (or always was) a skilled tactician in addition to a master detective.

He eventually started his own detective agency called Chimpanzee Investigation, which at first did fairly well, with the novelty of the enterprise atrracting various customers.  He and four other superhero detectives, including the Martian Manhunter and the Elongated Man, formed a brotherhood of sorts (and occasionally a thinktank) called the Croatoan Society. Things eventually turned bad for Chimp, as clients stopped coming in and as a non-human he had fewer civil rights to defend his business and in response Chimp turned to smoking and alcohol.

TV ShowsEdit

Detective Chimp BTBATB 002.

Detective Chimp in Batman: the Brave and the Bold

He comes out in Batman: The Brave and the Bold to help solve a case and them fight Gorilla Grodd's gorilla army.

Equipment and AbilitiesEdit

Always carries a magnifying glass, skilled detective, skilled martial artist, can speak to other animals and can speak to people.

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