The Devil


Real Name
First Appearance
Adventures into the Unknown #8 - Dec. 1949
R.S. Pious
Team Affiliations
Base of Operations
Swamp Hollow
invisibility, dimensional travel, immortality
Skills and Abilities

Origin[edit | edit source]

In mythology, The Devil is a being who seeks to possess the souls of humans through the use of various trickster devices.. The purpose of possessing the souls them in a punishment in hell. The punishments are meted out for misdeeds in life.

The Devil decides he is tired of losing power over mankind and decides to try to take over the body of a sculptor named Ted Harper. To do this, he goes to Earth. His Imps decide to follow and try to take over Ted for themselves.

Ted confronts and vanquishes The Devil in a methane explosion.

The Devil and his Imps return to their home, "halfway between Main Street and Perdition".

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

The Devil is a highly intelligent trickster desiring to possess the souls of humans. He can possess a human body. He can turn invisible and visible at will. He can travel between his realm and that of mankind.

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